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Commuting into Brisbane

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by heregoes, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. I am thinking about commuting into Brisbane CBD for work everyday, can anyone tell me what traffic is like at around 6am from Brisbane north in through south pine and Kelvin grove roads, I am also wondering where to park the bike, preferably as close as possible to post office square (at the city end of Queen St Mall)


  2. mate at 6am traffic will be a dream!

    I'm on the southside and on days i hit up the gym (around 5:30am) it's rad.
    The Storey Bridge has nothin' on it - and that's the biggest bottle-neck around!

    But yeah dunno what the northside situation is...
    + and i have space at my work so i dunno about parking either...
    I have seen that there is a bunch of bike parking under the North Quay on ramp down the end of Ann St.
    Also around the outside of the car park at Central people look like they park on the footpath.?
    Other than that I'm not sure. At that time of morning you could get some kind of early-bird + bike rate at one of the kings or myer centres aroudn town?
  3. 6am :) You will be fine!

    Have fun
  4. yep, peak hour in Brissy is exactly that, one hour - i find it fluctuates on each given day, but a 6am the only other brisbanites you will see will be walking dogs!

    a couple of all day parking spots on Felix and on Albert St that are usually full whenever i'm in the city - couple of places along Turbot st where u see bikes parked as well.

    why oh why don't we park on the pavements like our Melbourne friends?
  5. south pine is never that bad at the worst of times, I drove it when the trains where on strike at that only took just over an hour (from 30 k's out).

    That my route as well so wave (or nod ) :grin:
  6. Traffic is a real spike in brissy, i come in from the southside, if i leave b4 7am, its normally straight in either route (freeway or via indro), but after that its luck, as sometimes there is nothing, and other times stop start, but no set times for either.....
  7. Well i found out that i can park in my building for free so that makes matters a lot easier, i can't wait to give Public Transport the flick!!!! :)