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Commuting in Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by steve315, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. I am looking for advice from Melbourne Netriders who commute on their bikes.

    I work in the CBD, and am moving into the 'burbs as soon as my restrictions end - about a month.

    Can any one tell me how bad is the commute from Wirribee? I keep hearing that the Western highway is very slow from the Western Ringroad to Kingsway.

    The alternative is to move to Melbourne's north west, so any feedback on the Tullamarine and Western Ringroad would also be great.

  2. I'll let someone else be more accurate, but I travel north on the Tulla from Brunswick Rd to Pascoevale and the southbound lanes look pretty free flowing during my commute window (anything from 7:30-9:00)
  3. Ringroad is chokkas in peak hour so you lane split among moving cars or take your chances in the emergency lanes
  4. I live in Point Cook.... so about as close to Wirribee as you can get....

    Its ok.... I leave home at 8:20 and get to South Melbourne at about 8:45-8:50 on a good day, or 9:00 on a bad day.... It is really really rare that I get to work after 9am..

    I work i south melbourne, so get off at the second offramp (not counting the bolty)

    Some days are really clear and you get a super run all the way through.... those days are fairly rare though...

    During school holidays they are more common...
  5. Oh, and I dont filter through traffic (much)... so it can be done quicker...

    I recommend that you dont filter (much) because despite what people day, it is bloody dangerous...
  6. There's safe and dangerous filtering. Usually on a freeway, it's pretty safe if you're not stupid and keep your eyes open. Wide lanes = filter city. Be glad you're in Melbourne not Sydney where you couldn't filter on a f*cking skateboard.
  7. I do Werribee to Tulla daily and I'd suggest that werribee to the city wouldn't be too bad. Either would be Tulla to the city (I do this route during the day on occasion). Rent is cheaper in Werribee though.
  8. I live in Altona Meadows and work at the top of Collins Street. I leave around 6:50-7am and arrive around 7:30am.

    Personally I don't use the freeway. I go down through Altona to Williamstown, turn left and go up to Yarraville and Footscray under the Westgate then in to the city along Footscray Rd.

    I turn up Latrobe and head to Exhibition and park on the footpath on Collins Street. Going this way I'd see about 10-20 cars between home and Willy. Once I hit Yarraville I'd see a few more up to Footscray but still very empty. Footscray Rd is quick and if I do happen to get one of the lights the lanes are so wide you can lane split driving a car.

    This way is an easy 60KMph ride except for Footscray Rd which is 80K's. Only two sets of traffic lights between Laverton and Footscray Rd so no major stops and starts until the city.

    It can get very windy along Footscray Rd and you have to share the road with trucks but I just tuck in behind one and motor along.
  9. I used to live in WErribee.

    I went the freeway, off at Princess Fwy, the exit that's under the Ring Road, traffic doesn't usually bank up till there. Then straight down all the way till Smithfield Road, left, straight down to Epsom, give me a wave ;) Left & then follow down to Macaully, Arden, Queensberry & then you're in the city!!
  10. Oooopssssss. Double post.
  11. Unfortunately i don't ride everyday. It's a bit hard with tools and boxes of cable.
    So, I drive along the Tulla from Moreland Rd, to Kingsway most days.
    Traffic flows until the Bolte, Then crawls from there.
    However with the wide lanes, bike's filter past with ease!

    As a guide, peak times in car:
    Moreland Rd to Collins St (Via Dynon Rd) - 12 to 15 mins
    Moreland Rd to Kingsway - 20 to 25 mins
  12. Once again Netrider has the answers :grin:

    thanks for everyones' replies.

  13. I commute daily from Wyndham Vale (just past Wirribee :grin: ). And take the freeway all the way in.
    Leaving at 6.45 gets me to work at about 7.15-7.30 depending on delays. Leaving at 6.30 gets me there pretty consistently at 7 to 7.05.
    Freeway is no great drama early and I generally don't need to split at that time. Will do so if there is an accident. Unfortunatly the travel time signs they had up near Wirribee aren't there anymore so its hard to judge if you need to avoid the freeway.