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Commuting Gold Coast to Brisbane

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oddedit, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Hi I am moving back to Aus after a 8 years in Europe... I have worked lined up in Brisbane but would ideally like to move to the Gold Coast as thats where my family is....

    Just wondering if anyone does this commute daily and if its a nightmare or any general feedback about it would be great.....

  2. Generally ok if you only wear shorts, singlet and thongs.
  3. Perhaps enter through the "Welcome Lounge", you might get a better response.
  4. I hope your slow riding teqnique is good.
    you will just have to work out whats the best time to leave should be okay

    And I don't recommend wearing QLD safety boots (thongs) on a bike :)

    welcome back home
  5. I work week on week off in qld and commute from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast and back. Don't think I've ever seen a rider fully geared up. In fact the the shorts singlet thongs approach is what most riders take up there.
    Makes me shudder at the sight of them splitting at high speeds.
  6. Same as any capital city. Peak hour traffic is peak hour traffic. The one major downfall is if there is an accident on the M1 you're stuffed.
  7. It's not too bad, about 45 mins from the northern GC to the CBD. Cops don't seem to mind low speed filtering, but I seen them book a few that use the shoulder, particularly along the stretch from Loganholme to Springwood.
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    I commute Nerang to RBWH 7 days per fortnight ... times vary as I work rotating shifts as a nurse ...

    Low speed filtering at the gateway merge (southbound) is ok ... keep a lookout as cops lurk from time to time especially on the left at the approach to the Gateway merge southbound ... the left side is best for scooting through 3-5pm ... try to merge left after the Logan Rd off ramp so you get to the left prior to the gateway merge then work your way to the right hand lanes ...
    the Pimpama curve .. go to left lanes as traffic can unexpectedly slow in the right lanes ... otherwise right most lane for best travel times ... this can vary depending on traffic flow. Mondays and Fridays are the worst day for erratic traffic flow.

    When you are northbound the traffic often slows at Loganholme until after the gateway off-ramp ... filter as necessary ...
  9. Thanks for the info guys.. much appreciated
  10. A bloke at work commutes from the tweed to ~browns plains every day on his BMW R1150S........(which has 460 000k's on the original motor!!!). Doesnt seem to have a problem doing it, but im sure fuelling up all the time would suck the big one.

    On a side note, he reckons it will make 500 000, but maybe not much more than that as its "starting to feel old". Makes you lol at the people who think 30 000 on a bike is a lot.

    Just pick a bike that commuting is OK on and it wont seem a chore. Bandit 1250 for that sort of distance for cheap, or a tourer if you have more coin to spend.