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Commuting can be fun...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by VladTepes, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. ... just not the last part of this mornings run.

    This morning on the way to work I was sharing a lane with a large van / truck thingy.
    That is to say, we were stopped at the traffic lights, I was in the left hand edge of the left wheel track and he was on the right hand side of the lane (and probably protruding into the lane beside him on the right).

    I looked over to make eye contact with him, to make sure he knew that I was there (in reality I was readily visible but it always pays to make ourselves more obvious). When he saw me looking at him, he gave me the finger! Hmm.

    Next thing, the light goes green and he accelerates and wrenches the wheel to the left cutting me off before I can get going. It’s lucky I wasn’t going too fast either as I managed to jump on the front brake hard (fun on a damp road) and stop. He pissed off into the distance.

    Well, I was alive. Unhappily however in braking so suddenly I did manage to stall the bike! D’oh ! So there I am with heaps of traffic pushing up behind me and going around me in the lane, while I’m on the clutch and starter trying to get the thing back into life and make my escape.

    I did manage to, eventually, but I must have looked like a complete noob ******** !
  2. So........ you established early on that he was a dropkick......

    ...... and you still let a van beat you off the lights while on a 14?? [-(

    hand over your keys 'Vlad'........ :)
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  3. Why didn't you out accelerate him from the lights? We're you too concerned about staring down the driver to pay attention to what was happening around you.
  4. Could have taken him on with one wheel in the air and flipping the bird straight back at him all at the same time...
  5. I wouldn't normally bother but since you titled the thread:
    Thanks to the dude on the blue Ninja (I believe) 636 for the company this morning - that was actually a lot of fun for a morning commute ;)

    As for Vlad: WTF dude?! If I let a "large van/truck thingy" get the better of me off the line, I sure as shit wouldn't be telling the story...
  6. ^ sorry.....but as above +1

    1- I would never filter or stop at the line where a cage/van/truck/golf-cart etc could share my piece of black top

    2- If I accidentally did I would be ready to GTFO on green

    ::end of line
  7. :LOL: well he came sideways at me !

    Thing is the road was wet and greasy so I wasn't accelerating suddenly for anyone !

    You're right though it doesn't lessen the shame... anyone have a katana (no, not the bike not the bike). seppuku time?
  8. Hi Kreeps :D - I believe the 636 is the zx6r?
  9. bitsar - where WOULD you position yourselfthen?
    In reality its pretty difficult to be ANYWHERE on a bike that's not potentially going to be simultaneously occupied by some dick in a cage.
  10. It was definitely a Ninja and I was guessing at the the capacity since I only saw it when it caught up at the reds ;)

    When you have a PWR advantage of about infinity : one over the competition, you could be three cars back and still beat him through the pedestrian strip.
    If you're watching the lights...
  11. Definitely not to the left margin of the left wheel track at the stop line.


    If I had not filtered to the front (which would place me central to two lanes) I would be in the right wheel track slightly favouring centre - thereby negating any space for a cage to get inside.

    +1 Agreed
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  12. Cheers Bitsar !
  13. you've made eye contact and he gives you the finger.
    ok, you get that. some folk really hate motorbikes and will indeed try and make you come of.

    nope. i ain't moving of the line before he does.
    can you figure out why.
  14. You're very welcome :)
  15. If you wont beat the fuckers off from the lights, don't filter in front. You make filtering have a bad name.
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  16. Yes I can + agreed.

    Better to have that kind of douche in front where you am watch them.