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Commuting bike for a tall man

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by xfghia, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all, have been reading these forums for a long time and love the community! Most of the time my questions have been answered but I find myself needing additional help for a dilemna I have.

    I communte to the city every day (~60km round trip) and recently bought a VTR250 (thanks to this forum) Great bike, but I find it is a little small for my height (I'm 6' 3") and my back is starting to ache, so much that I had to go to the oseto to get it fixed.

    So, what bike should I be looking at? I want it to be comfortable for my height so would prefer a nice straight seating position. Doesn't have to be 250, have been looking at 600's 900's...there's just soooo many. Something witha little more squirt than the VTR would be nice though.

    So there you have it, a comfy commuter bike that I can still lane split in and has a bit more poke than my VTR250. Oh, and I'm a bit tight so my budget is $5-7K.

    I leave myself in your very capable hands 8-[
  2. early yamaha fz1 may suit you well. pick up a good one for 5 to 6 grand and they will last forever!!
  3. they are very cramped.
  4. Really? Would have thought the seat height would make them less so.
  5. Only in the footrest to seat distance. I'm 6'2" so not far short of the OP and don't have any problem at all with mine otherwise.

    So I'd vote for the DR as well, but I'm biased 'cos I own one and do a 95 km/day commuting round trip and have done up to 130 km on a daily basis in complete comfort.
  6. I'm around the same height as the OP and I find that my legs are a little bit too long for the DR
  7. DR650

    You can get footpeg lowering kits, but I am 6'1" and don't have issues.
  8. Lower the foot pegs?

    Anyway there's lots of bikes out there. DR was just the first that popped to mind.
  9. The problem with that is that you're likely to drag the pegs around... My DR is almost stock and I just about drag the pegs going around bends. I reckon I'd put them down pretty easy with a lowering kit. What I want to do is lower the pegs by cutting and welding them myself, and over-compensate by raising the suspension by more than I lower the pegs by. It will be non-standard forks and shock of course, I don't really think the stock suspension in the DR is worth stuffing around with.
  10. footpeg to seat distance is too little. footpeg to handlebars is too short. seat to handlebars is far too short. handlebars are too low.

    i rode one around for a bit (my old man bought one for lolz), and i don't mind them for what they are, but they ARE cramped.

    i am 6 foot and it was cramped. i dont think you can modify it to make the ergo's good enough, as its just not designed properly in that regard. the engine is reliable though. but the suspension is poor and some of the build quality is questionable.

    fz1 may be overkill for just commuting as it has about 140hp, but for a do everything bike its great. i took one around a supercross track once, would have loved to seen pics.
  11. I would have thought that the FZ1 would be more cramped than the DR.
  12. You need to a) start doing trackdays, b) work on body positioning or c) give up the pies :D. As with any big trailie, the first thing to touch is the handlebar end :LOL:.

    Given that the DR has the ability to have the suspension dropped by 40mm by playing with (standard) spacers, I doubt if dropping the pegs with one of the available kits is going to cause many problems.

    Come to think of it, has yours been lowered? That would explain a lack of cornering clearance. If it has, check it's been done properly. I've asked a couple of dealers about it and neither had a clue about how to do it properly.

    Agreed. I don't consider it serious though as I don't start feeling it until at least one tankful beyond my arse going numb from the dubious seat.


    So use some of the pillion seat. It's not like you'll ever fit another human on there.

    Only if you want to play at being an off-road ace (and if you were you wouldn't own a DR :D) where the stock bars prevent you from spending much (or any) time standing up. Using the bike as a bitumen only commuting hack they're fine.

    Like I said, I'm 6'2", 120kg+ in riding gear and, after too many years of heavy lifting without due care and attention plus a few bounces off steel and tarmac I'm prone to aches in just about every joint. I've found the DR adequately comfortable in stock trim for nigh on 40,000 km.


    I'd term it as adequate for a commuter and sort of OK for playing silly buggers given that, with a reasonably light bike, it's possible to use muscle to make up for some of the inadequacy.

    Agreed, although, so far, all the issues I've experienced with this have been cosmetic. White fluff on ally and such. An obsessive polisher would have no problem, or someone who, like me, accepts commuting tackle as being expendable and runs it 'til it dies thus avoiding resale issues, could also live with it.
  13. Okay I'll be a little more honest lol.
    I just about drag the pegs at the Saturday learner session leaning the bike over as far as I can before I chicken out. Going around bends on the road is fine. I bought the bike almost brand new as an ex motogp pit bike, the suspension hasn't been touched.
    I might try one of those lowering kits and see how it fairs around the twisties. If the pegs scrape, the bike's getting raised. It's just a question of time and money to do it.
  14. The adventure type bikes go well - a BMW GS might suit you. The F650 (the single with the Rotax motor) is an excellent commuter.
  15. A GS500 with bar risers is okay for 6'2"*, cheap, and is a good commuter (including filtering and all that). So its a maybe.

    *I've done interstate trips (more than one, which is a key indicator :p) without significant problems, though I would still prefer a physically bigger bike.
  16. Suzuki GS500 would be a reasonable commuter, I'm 6'3" and found it pretty comfortable.
  17. You could look at the Versys or the 650 vstrom. The versys has 10000km service intervals and can be picked up in your price range with only 20000kms.

    The strom is better on fuel and more common.

    Both have faces only a owner could love.
  18. I don't think the Strom is LAMS. Which is bloody daft considering it shares its engine with the SV650 which is in restricted form.

    Or am I talking bollocks?

    Edit: My bad. I notice the OP mentioned 900s so presumably no restrictions. I just assumed from the 250ness of his current ride that he was limited to LAMS bikes. It opens up the possibilities a bit although, as a dedicated commuter, I'd still go the DR.

    On the dedicated commuter front, what about a maxi scooter like a Burgervan or a Silverwing? Very comfy, good weather protection and built in storage.
  19. xfghia did mention 900's, so I'd go with the assumption that he's on an unrestricted licence.