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Commuter - Scooter or Yamaha R15

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Animalector, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. First post so G'day to all,

    Ok so I just got a new job, it involves a 23km trip each way up a 80km/h and 70km/h road heading towards the city (brisbane). My old 90's falcon ute will kill me on fuel so I have convinced the wife it's economical to get a commuter bike.

    At the moment I am tossing up between a beewee 100, and a demo yamaha R15. I've previously had a YZF-750, RMX250 (regd), Kwaka KR1-S, and a DR600 so consider myself a pretty good rider both onroad and offroad. But I really want to get something cheap to run..

    I am leaning towards the R15. I sat on one on the weekend and will take one for a test ride this week. It felt quite comfortable for a small bike, and light and easy to handle, but the scooter is so cheap..

    My budget is very limited, and the demo R15 is probably my upper limit $3500 ride away so going to a new CBR250 or Ninja is probably out of the question, and for the money most second hand bikes have crap loads of KM's.

    People's thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  2. Zzr250 (predecessor of the ninja 250) would be a better choice, ok it is second hand but i will last longer, have lesss maintenance, cheaper tyres as it has more common sizes and be not much more on fuel.

    Otherwise get the cbr125 rather than the r15 as they are heaps of them second hand.
  3. scooters are brilliant commuters as long as you don't need to go very fast. easy to ride, which is handy in traffic, and cheap to run and maintain. not exactly a fun ride though (I have a real bike for that).
  4. i would go the scooter, I have used both a bike and scooter for commuting, and prefer the scooter as automatic, easier to filter, can put the helmet under the seat and walk away and cheaper on the fuel, also don't get as wet and cold on the scooter as I do on the bike
  5. I'm with VC on this one, grab a second hand zzr or Gpx250. Maintenance/tires etc will be far less. Engines last way past 100,000kms. Hell I put 70,000 on my old '07 gpx while commuting and it was still like brand new..
  6. And I'm with uncosnail - scoots really are designed for a commute and storage that comes in handy even if its just to keep some basic wet weather gear so you dont get caught out in a random shower. Minimal amount of servicing and no chain etc to maintain just get on and go. Perhaps not really something that you can have some fun on on the weekend but really how much fun are genuinely going to have on a r15 or cbr125?

    80k should be obtainable on a 100cc depending on your weight but if possible I would look at 125 or 150 if theres something there in your budget. You can get Piaggio Fly 125 or 150 for between $2k-$3k some with new warranty; good value IMO.
  7. yeah a mate of mine used to have a ZZR250, I rode it a bit. Good reliable bike. I do like the idea of storage for helmet etc as carrying around a helmet everywhere you go is a pain.

    THanks for the suggestions for a CBR125, however from what I have read, 100km/h is a stretch for it and 'IF' I do decide to get a bike over a scotter this is a must for when I want to ride it anywhere other than work.

    CBR250 looks great, but a couple grand over budget.

    I'll have a poke on the net for some ZZR's GPX's. etc. see what I can get late model low kms maybe find one with a top box or something.

  8. Scooter is a better commuter but if you'll be going on 80km/hr roads I'd look for something a bit larger than a BeeWee. You should be able to get a decent second-hand HD200 or X-Hot or something like that, something around 150cc mark. It will be better on the open road and no worse than BeeWee in the city.
    Edit - some examples of brand new scoots: Piaggio Fly 150 - 3,500 on road. TGB X-Race 150 - 2,990 on road. TGB Bullet 150 - 3,690 on road.
  9. Was talking to a guy had a R15 about a week ago he'd done about 4000k and was real happy with it reckoned it sat on 100 easy enough,he was only a little feller 60kg at the most so that has to make a difference.His commute was from Peak Crossing to Brisbane.
    His reasoning was much the same as yours, s/hand bikes had heaps of k's and didn't cost that much less.
    Read This?
    Hope this is of some help.
  10. Slightly over budget but a new CBR125R is probably less than $4500.
    You might find a second hand one for within your budget, if you wanted to go that way.
    I'm very happy driving my CBR125R on 100K roads, never felt that it's too light or underpowered, but opinions vary on this topic.

    Then again, I agree with the other posters, a 125-150cc scooter makes a good commuter vehicle if you're sure you'll stay on 80Km/h roads. Having the storage is very handy.
  11. I had a Yamaha Scorpio. A much maligned bike but it never let me down.
    2.8 L/100 km when used for general commuting.
    Two valve air cooled single has high service-it-yourself potential. More money saved here.
    No possibility of a damaged radiator because it hasn't got one.
    No possibility of expensive fairing damage because it hasn't got one.
    My mate had it after me and it never let him down either. He did manage to drop it in a gravel car park with damage limited to a scratch on the handlebar end.
  12. A scooter is the more pragmatic choice. It should tick more of your boxes, and will provide tons of fun, but in a different manner.

    Please don't ride like the stereotypical scooterist, however :)
  13. If you want cheap commuter then probably the scooter. But if you want a bit more hands on (gear changing) riding then the R15.

    Even a postie is a great cheap commuter.

    Sounds like you do like the R15 more than the scooter and from your previous rides are manual.
  14. Question.. what does a stereotypical scooterist ride like? I will avoid whatever the answer is:angel:

    I like the R15 only because I can see myself having more fun on weekends with it, which kinda defeats the purpose of the commuter and I should just get a *ahem* real bike..

    The TGB bullet 150 looks quite good actually.. 2 yr warranty, reasonable power, good looks, storage space, big wheels.

    I agree that the scoot is going to be more practical.. and I think for this reason I should go that way. my decision is currently 70:30 to the scoot.. BeeWee is unfortunately no longer a contender in my mind.

  15. In Melbourne usually a cute chick in a black frilly dress with red high heals, open face helmet and no gloves.. put putting along in the stkilda rd bicycle lane.. They look pretty sexy until they go splat across the tarmac..
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  16. Well I can guarantee I will not wear black high heels our red frilly dresses haha. Is a dirt bike helmet ok?