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Commuter Motorcycle for a Beginner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by turntaker, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    I am new to riding and I still don't have my learner's.
    Hoping to get them in december.

    I need some recommendations on motorbikes for a beginner like myself. I am not a very tall guy (170cm and average weight).

    Some bikes i had in mind: Suzuki TU250x, Yamaha SR400, suzuki gs500, honda cb250.
    Here are some things that might be useful:
    • I will mainly use this bike for commuting in city type areas. (Riding to uni for about 15 minutes each way)
    • Something not too slow and not too fast.
    • Something light and easy to control as a beginner.
    • No cruiser or super sport (just a standard bike) - i am very much into classics like tu250x
    • Cheap insurance and cheap to buy and reliable.
    • Easy maintenance (so I can do things myself as I wont have much money as a student)
    Thank you, I will appreciate your recommendations :)

  2. All you have listed are good bikes for your situation. All fairly simple mechanically and easy to maintain. The CB250 would probably be the cheapest option, they were a reliable simple machine. Cheaper means cheaper insurance, transfer fees etc. The down side is what kind of life has it had with its previous owners.

    What is your budget including riding gear, helmet, jackets boots etc?
  3. I have a ktm duke200 and love it...weighs in at 130kg, fuel injected/liquid cooled. Looks good, easy clutch to learn on. Gear indicator which i found useful whilst learning.
  4. My budget would be about $5000 max for gear + bike
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  5. Buy a bike for $3k and spend $2k on gear, gear which will last longer than you'll keep the bike probably. I rode a tu250 doing the Ls course and test; not enough power, really not enough. Of what you mentioned the gs500 is the better choice, when going slowly it's easy and docile. But when you get more confident and start going faster it's minor inadequacies will teach you things that will benefit you later.
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  6. 2K on gear? I thought maybe 1K max haha.
    Also can I get a decent bike for 3K
  7. Also I have heard a 250cc is good for beginners.. not sure.
  8. Ok so you should budget $800 - $1000 for Gloves, Helmet, Jacket, Boots etc. Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket for Harley, road & MX motorbikes
    Approximately $300 to transfer and Register the bike, including tax. Registration costs
    Then CTP insurance and you should get Third Party property insurance to cover any damage in an accident where it is your fault. Not sure of NSW pricing here you will need to ring around.

    So that leaves you with $3 - $3.5k for the bike.

    How about a CBR250R
  9. That's a super sport I think, I really just want a standard bike, (upright sitting position)
    Also i'd prefer a naked bike so I can maintain it easily and if I drop it, there won't be too much damage.
    Registration here with CTP+3rd party with theft is probably less than $500
  10. Which is better CB250 or CBF250, also can I go on the highway (90km/h) on a 250CC motorbike? And would you recommend it.
    Because I can probably buy a used honda cb250 or cbf250 for about 3K
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    Ok, CBF250 perhaps which is a more upright position but a bit heavier and slower.

    :) Snap, The CBF is a later design I believe.
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    Welcome, I agree with NihililNihilil here - the GS500 looks like the go given your budget. Forget SR's, even 80's models start at just less than $5k. For $3.5k there are a few options - check this quick bikesales search link, and maybe even consider the roughie therein - the Ducati Monster 400 for a smidge under $4k! LINK

    Make sure you try a helmet before buying, and personally I wouldn't go second hand on this item - but jacket and pants check out fleabay and glumtree and see if there are any items you're interested in as this will save major $$.

    Good luck!
  13. The GS500 is a good simple bike and a good choice if you can find one in your price range.

    chillibuttonchillibutton Something happened to the link you put in to your post. I think I rescued it, can you check that it points to the same bike you posted. Cheers.
  14. $1k on gear is sufficient yes but f you stretch to even $1500 you'll be a bit more able to get what you like better. Get a lid with a pinloc antifog insert, don't think just do it.
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  15. Thanks Chris, that's the one but the original link was a list of 22 with a bunch of GS 500's as well - trying here again...

    Used Road LAMS Motorcycles for Sale in New South Wales - bikesales.com.au
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  16. Ok thanks for the suggestions guys.
    I think I will get a GS500 then.
  17. How many KMs are too much for a used bike?
  18. Generally the rule of thumb is 7000 km/year but more to the point has it been serviced regularly, ask to see the service history.
  19. If you are genuinely serious about only commuting and wanting a cheap commuter, get cheap second hand scooter. It will work out cheaper to buy/insure/run/maintain than a bike. Strictly this advice applies to all bike riders too. Cheaper to get a scooter for commuting and keep the thou for weekend sorties into the hills. You'll be way ahead on the cost of mani tenancy and tyres not to mention the obvious savings in running costs.

    But no one does this, including me.

    Otherwise probably buy the most powerful bike you can, afford and legally ride because if you are like most commuters, you will soon become hooked and commuting will soon just be about getting to work to pay for your weekend riding addiction.
  20. It's a good choice. I have one. It's SUPER soft in the front end but if you're only 170cm you might not be very heavy. I'm about 110kg and 182cm and believe me, the suspension is very soft on the front and bottoms out regularly. There are upgrades for the suspension, but as many, many people here and in public will tell you, as soon as you're off restrictions, you'll be looking for a new bike and I agree with that 100%.

    I really like my bike. It gets 3.5l/100klm, easy to work on, plenty of guides about, shitloads of parts about. Got a decent amount of poke and won't kill you. There's a dedicated GS500 page at GStwin GS500 Page with forums. It's very active. There's a bloke on there called Buddha who knows them inside out. He just sucks at the written word and can be hard to understand sometimes. The bike is carburetted and if you're a young fella, you'll need to be patient and learn what that's about regarding choke etc. The headlight's shit but easily changeable to a brighter H4. You'll need to look at upgrading the wiring though. Insurance is cheap as chips too.

    All-in-all, it's a simple, easy bike that's light and easy to chuck around. I ride mine every weekday and go with groups on the weekend. Has never missed a beat.
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