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Commuter bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mintox80, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Seeking to pick the brains of all those with far more bike knowledge that myself. Jan 2010 I decided that a bike would be a great way to make my short commute into the city, great decision. Knowing nothing about bikes at the time (and not being sure I'd enjoy it) I opted to buy a cheapy bike from new (Sach Express). Whilst this has been fine it is more than time for an upgrade to something that will be a bit more long term. Hoping someone can suggest a good bike that meets the following;
    Under $5k
    Good breaking and handling
    Has a little bit of zip (no need to be a rocket, just enough to get out of trouble if need be).

    So many bikes on offer in this bracket I really have no idea what is best for my needs.

  2. heaps of threads on here about start up bikes, mayeb a search will reveal a truckload for you.. everyone has their own opinions, you leave it way too open.
    cruiser, sports, naked?
    2 or 4 cyl?
    age of bike, or kms on it?
  3. Hi Goddie,

    I'll have a search and see what I can find.
    I was thinking a naked, 2 or 4 cyl doesn't worry me, late 90's onwards with under 30,000km. Hopefully this narrows it down :?
  4. preferred size?
  5. Certainly nothing too large. I'm 180cm and weigh 92kg so I think I should be okay on most frames. Engine wise 250 to 400 is probably all I require, I am prefering handling over acceleration for the ride I normally do.
  6. GS500. Cheap, reliable, excellent commuter.
  7. Suzuki GSX250F Across. 250cc, enough poke to get you around, easy to handle, size is pretty big...similar to 600 bikes so you won't look big on it, pretty decent fuel economy, hard to kill, parts are easy and cheap to find and extra boot space to keep stuff in it. The only downside, it's got pretty crap brakes for what it is...single front disc on a ~180kg bike just doesn't cut it. I'm 180cm and the bike doesn't look small on me...then again I look like skeletor.
  8. Thanks, the brakes are important to me. Given I'm using it in traffic it's nice to know I can stop when some idiot (and my worst cases in the city have been taxis) cuts me off.
  9. Don't get me wrong, they still have enough stopping power, have had to e-brake a couple of times, but I don't think it's got the best brakes. Either larger single disc, or twin disc would have been much better for it. Mind you, I am comparing it to my VFR, which is twin discs and stops pretty damn good, so can't really compare between other single disc 250s out there.
  10. Honda CB250F Hornet!

    Although a few years old, they're a goer, very easy to handle, and they look pretty rad-sauce.
  11. I ended up blowing the budget on a 2008 Honda CB400. Picked it up for $6,500 with 3,500km. To good of a buy to pass up, rides an absolute treat! Thanks for everyones advice.
  12. =D>
  13. I commute on my Honda Deauville every day. Should be able to pick a 2nd hand one up for $5k