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Commonwealth Games. Have you gone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Pink Angel, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. I went to the Rugby 7 at the Telstra dome yesterday and highly recommend it. I have never seen the game, but found it easy to follow and actually interesting to watch.
    I was really impressed with the organisation of the event. Everything ran smoothly and looked very professional. Even getting to the event was painless.

    Has anyone else gone to any other events?
  2. no not as yet
    i would like to go see the track a feild events though
  3. I'd love to go but alas, being unemployed ATM, my budget doesn't allow it. Although I am keeping an eye out for cheap tickets.
  4. yawn, I didn't watch any of or go to the Sydney effort either, not interested.....
  5. I am off to the swimming tonight. i got very lucky in the ballot. Going to see 2 swimming, 2 athletics, basketball.

    I am sitting here draped in my Aussie Flag ready to go!
  6. I know the feeling of being low in cash0la... I left it too late but I would have loved to go to the swimming or the gymnastics. A ticket to the swimming on the comm games website as of yesterday is $280! LOL.

    I was thinking about riding into the city/st kilda to see the triathlon tomorrow. Women start at 9am and men start at 1pm.
  7. We're going next Fri to God knows what - would rather spend the dosh on a few tanks of fuel and go for a weekender, but it's the 'boss's' money so...
  8. Been all 3 nights so far
    Opening Ceremony, track cycling(2 Aussie gold) and track cycling again tonight and 3 more Aussie GOLD!
    I am way impressed by the whole event organisation etc, nothing to complain about at all. I'm loving it! Coming up I've got more track cycling on Sunday, Basketball twice next week, swimming and athletics :grin:
  9. What are these Commonwealth Games that you speak of?
  10. No, I haven't gone. Have they gone yet??? Please?

    The best part about them will be when they unbarricade the roads to my office.

    No, I'm not bitter. Just stuck in traffic...
  11. Been to two nights of rugby sevens - great game to watch, even for AFL fans. Kiwis won the gold AGAIN.
  12. Yeah gunna leave in a bit. Taking the pushy tho, might get a bit closer
  13. Im in Mentone, so a pushy is a bit too much of an effort for me lol.
    Think I'll be leaving soonish too.

    And an off topic question to the games... Just a short answer will do. What should I wear? Just normal jeans and my leather jacket & boots? My kevlars are uncomfortable to wear (they sit over my belly button :( and are hard to walk around in) but great for riding. Or should i take a bag and just chuck in a skirt or something? Women and clothes hey... lol
  14. Mentone is halfway to the end of my normal training ride., St kilda is 10 klicks from here. THis time I will take a bag with normal shoes in it. ANd locks for the pushy.. just in case its that sort of event. that I cant get close with it
    My rule on the motorcycle is jeans for sub 60 klicks riding only. If you want to say hi (bearing in mind i,m twice your age and happily taken just in case you er were worried ) lemme know

  15. Thats a fair effort on a bike. Good work!

    Jeans it is then, thanks :)
    I'll be riding alone cause the bf is working at the swimming today. First ride since getting my P's actually. Yay for me. Think I'll try and park on acland street on that corner where all the bikes seem to park. Look out for a 5'5 girl in a blue jacket and jeans. Im sure that'll be me :D
  16. hmmm. Really tempted to take Stealth Kat to keep you company then. Be carefull. I suspect the traffic wont be moving so will be safe but just the same. Not that I know anything about ur skill level. :)

    Hmmmm I,ll PM you with me phone no.. just gimme a yell if you like
  17. Its just clouded right over here & the Bureau gives "...one or two showers over southeast and eastern suburbs". Might not be riding after all :(
  18. dont let it worry you. At sub 50 ks visibility aint an issue. Just cross tram trracks slow and at right angles. Its rained in the last few days.. oil on the roads not really an issue. If it rains heavily stop.. it wont last 10 mins as a rule. Hey I have a quarter inch of rubber :) My motorcycle probably has less rubber than yours too

  19. The games dont come here often, but it also is not cheap.

    You should see what the VIP's get as far as organisation etc. They are the ones that have free tickets or corporate tickets etc. I was at one site the other day. VIP's got a marquee with air condition, the general admision got one fan per 250 people. Fortunately it was not hot. Then again it has not been duck weather either :LOL:

  20. I would go but just can't be bothered. I'd rather spend my holiday on the bike or at the beach. It's no loss, there's always next year. :LOL: