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Commonwealth Games Ceremony

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Well its all over by the shouting.

    Fireworks looked cool, but what the hell was the go with the bikes and ballerinas together :shock:

    And what was the go with the koalas :shock:

    Cheers :cool:
  2. The koalas and the duck and the kid scared me. Mainly because this was put on by the government and if they think that is entertainment then we're stuffed.

    Anyone else see the koala take its head off and beat it on the ground. Now seriously, wtf.

    And dam it was noisy. I was watching it on tv, watching the fireworks. Then realised i could go outside and see it.
  3. I think the Queen & Prince Phillip looked like they were thinking WTF too
  4. How bad was Delta's miming. Shades of Milli Vanilli
  5. I wasn't impressed with that at all.

    That koala that lost his head....wtf??

    whats with our indigenous folk with their NZ imported possum coats?

    *shakes head*
  6. I was too busy concentrating on typing replies in threads so didn't listen properly when the young boy was giving his address to the Queen and thought he said "gloom" instead of "glue" when making tribute to her reign. Nearly fell off my chair. She certainly looked gloomy enough though.

    ps was the tram made of papier mache?
  7. Fireworks - $12M
    Lights and Projection - $18M
    Flying tram - $2M
    Bikes and Ballerinas - $40K

    Blowing the budget on effects and not actually making a show - Priceless

  8. I walked down to the river and the fireworks were good, especially the ones on the buildings, but the fish got boring pretty quickly and the music was way boring
  9. I was looking forward to watching her pass out from all the smoke. Drats it didn't work! :grin:
  10. If she did pass out you wouldn't have seen it
  11. Reminds me of that stupid bridge we once had that some one thought was groovy art, but was really a pile of poles - i think it was along St Kilda rd. An artist wank.

    That ceremony was complete crap! I fail to see where therw as any story or anything related to games or Melbourne?

    The Queen was looking gloomy cos she is 80 years old, she would have been freezing - plus she does like 150 of these things every year. I bet there isnt many English speaking 80yo women who work as hard as she does/has.

  12. Yeah mate but how many 80 yr old women make her kind of wages :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. I imagine the old girl does work very hard, the only part she looked happy in was when Dame Kiri takanawa sang.
    did you hear Nicole Stevenson saying the Aussies easily looked the best. They were dressed like the 1890's cricket tour of England.
  14. that was the most poor arse opening ceremony I've ever seen. I've seen better openings at Little Aths.

    and did you see the TOP MUM t shirt on the koala. I was surprised they didn't pull the Kerrigans out to officially open the games.
  15. Ricky ponting called and said he wants his coin toss jacket back.
  16. :LOL: :LOL: Where were the towies? I realise that it is Australia that is hosting the games, but they could have featured some true Victorian icons, speed cameras and a cable wire fence around the central stage would have looked very attractive.

    Plus, felt it should have been Mick Doohan riding around instead of a trials rider.

    The Queen shouldn't have been cold, she has just arrived from a Northern climate, but she always looks grumpy no matter what her location.
  17. A friend of mine who splits her time between here and the states and wonders why Australians aren't very patriotic. Now I can point at the commonwealth games opening ceremony and she'll understand.
  18. Im so glad the Games are on, now i have the pefeect excuse to get out on the bike more and get as far away from the tv as possible.
    If it ain't got an engine, it ain't sport.

    fookin' Lawn Bowls :rofl: a sport? not in my world.
  19. Dont worry 748 girl old lizzie will be getting her fine in the mail for being 3km over in her roller on centre stage. Bracks is not one to let a revenue raiser like that one go. He probably hid the camera in the Baton, what do you think those flashing lights on it were for.
  20. She could sit around her shed making custom bikes and cars and drinking and gambling like we all would if we was that rich, but even though she is super rich, she still works her arse off, usually under the threat of danger. Non of the bikies types of folks around here are as tough as that old lady... :)