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Commonwealth Games, can anyone be bothered?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Well they are now a year away and all the serious preparations are starting, ticket ballots firing up and so on.

    Anyone going to bother balloting for tickets or are we all just going to sit in front of the TV and complain about the crappy traffic around the city while it's on.

    Your thoughts?

    Mind you there is a positive in this in that the emergency services are spending bulk $$$ upgrading their comm's networks and other equipment and that will be utilised well after the event. The telco's are also spending big upgrading their various networks as well.
  2. The one I work for is
  3. i wont be bothering with it, to much riding to be done to waist time going to the games :p :p :p
  4. commonwealth games... olympic games....


    sorry, have no interest at all.

  5. traffic well thats not a problem we ride bikes
    as for eyecandy at coffee nights , YES PLEASE :LOL:
    those fit female taunght lean bodys :shock: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. I'll look at equestrian events (do they have them with Commonwealth Games?) but other than that..... :-s

    :D :D :D
  7. ok, new event, Reefton runs and GOR sprints.. roads will be closed off and start times will be staggered, oyu against the clock is what its about.

    when they introduce that i will stand up and pay attention... lol
  8. Hehehe...I heard that Vic Police have bought a heap of BM's for the games. Only problem is after they bought em (approx 100) they then worked out that they dont have enough licenced riders anymore since then have cut the number down over the past few years. Maybe there will be some with "L" plates on em???? Nah I doubt it 8)


  9. I hope to catch some equestrian and some gymnastics... I'm sure we'll see a soccer game at some stage too... it really depends on the pricing.
  10. Yeah l love watching the games and if l was offered tickets ld be there for sure, but wont stand in line for them...couldnt be bothered with that.

    My boys have always been into sports and its a big part of our life in this house and if l had a chance to take them l would....mind you there not babies either..there both over 6ft :shock: ....well still babies to me :wink:

  11. Please people, spare a thought for those of us who CAN'T avoid the <<insert abuse>> Commonwealth Games, even if we wanted to.

    The bloody Games Village is located DIRECTLY over the road from my office!!!. For about 4 MONTHS (Nov. this year it will start is the inside tip - don't believe a WORD of Mr Bracks saying a 3 week disruption!) I'll have a great deal of trouble getting to my office, with road closures, vehicle permits (and searches...), moron spectators in the bloody way, etc, etc.

    My bike will be getting a SERIOUS workout through that time - it will be the ONLY way I get to work in a reasonable time. As much as I find lane-splitting distasteful, I'm going to have to learn.

    Anyone got any tips on getting a big cruiser (because I'll be upgrading at that time) through traffic ???
  12. And about time you learned you big girl's blouse :p :wink: ! My tip - be careful! Learn as quickly as you can how wide the bike is and don't stuff it into a gap you can't get through. Your biggest problem will be mirrors (yours and theirs) and handlebars. Start practicing now, it's not a skill you learn over night.

    Right, back OT. I'd like to catch the Judo and Tae Kwon Do. We have a gold medal winner in the women's TKD and I used to do Judo for years. Both would be fun to watch.

    Hockey would be another good one, we have a great women's team there too. Swimming obviously but I can't be stuffed fighting for a ticket.

    All the track and field events remind me too much of High School, it was boring then too...
  13. ummmmm take to it with a hammer till its a small cruiser? :shock:
    seriously, i have NFI how they do it, theres a lot of leaning and bar moving and slowness to the process tho from what i can tell. thats one skill i dont think i really care to learn :LOL:

    one good thing about the commonwealth games, is that not as many ppls care. less BS over a shorter period, god bless the break from the FUGGEN olympics :LOL: wouldn't mind catching the mountainbiking at lysterfield park tho, i was over there a few weeks ago and its looking GOOOOD :D
  14. I want to see the mountain biking to. I used to ride Lysterfield pretty regularly (The single track is mad). I also like the track cycling and I my try to get to a road race as well.

    Have they done much work to the park? I may have to get back there before the games start to have a play myself.
  15. No really can't be bothered...is there a games on?...what?...one in Melbourne?...your're kidding, right?
  16. Yay!

    If we are that is so cool! Wonder when we get told (or issued) anything :D
  17. i didn't go far enuff to see where they were putting spectator stuff and i hadn't been there before so i dont know what to compare it to. all i saw was the signs and barriers around some of the tracks and i've seen a few pics on a website somewhere and i was impressed. i'm pretty new to mountainbiking tho so impressing me isn't difficult :LOL:
  18. I am interested in the mountain biking, plus I have put my name forward as a volunteer but do not know what they will have me doing as yet.
    First interview on 1 Apr so should be able to tell you about it at coffee afterwards.
  19. Its my choice not to do it, and to be honest, I STILL don't want to. Its just that I know the crap roads out here, and I can assure you that I'll have to if I want to get to work in under 3 hours (journey normally takes 45min...).

    The journey notwithstanding, parking on-site is going to be CRIPPLED... I'll probably lose my allocated spot, so the bike solves that problem too.