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Common Statistics and Sources

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by adprom, May 21, 2013.

  1. Have we got a thread anywhere with a list of common statistics which support our cause and sources? It would be fantastic to have a one stop location with extensive amount of statistics and a verified source (i.e. not some dodgy small town in kansas) to be able tor reference. Especially when correcting people on a lot of the pseudo safety rhetoric.

  2. Not that I know of but I agree it would be a great resource. Not sure what the format would be. Maybe Statement and rebuttal e.g.

    Motorcyclists are out riding on drugs and alcohol

    Actually motorcyclists are underrepresented in random Alcohol and drugs testing in comparison with car drivers.

    Study X
    Study Y

    Motorcyclists hoon between cars to get to the front, they should wait their turn

    Filtering between standing traffic helps lower road congestion and lowers the risk to motorcyclists of rear end collision

    Study Z
    Study A

    I saw a motorcyclist weaving around all over the road yesterday he was obviously hooning

    Studies have shown that moving their position within a lane will contribute to earlier recognition of their presence than those that remain static in a lane. This behaviour helps reduce the SMIDSY incidents when vehicles faile to see motorcyclists.

    Study B
    Study C

    Can we think of the derogatory statements you have heard by non motorcyclists? Then we can write the rebuttals and find the supporting studies.
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  3. If it was me, a excel spreadsheet would be perfect format :p
  4. I don't think non-motorcyclists give much thought to motorcyclists generally. Unless you happen to be standing around in leathers, it is not a hot topic. We just think it is.

    In sports-mad Australia, in 2012 Casey Stoner was the highest paid Australian sportsman by a mile. I think he earned about 9 million when you added in all the sponsorship and everything. But what average Australian knew that? OK he lived in Switzerland and MotoGP is a predominantly European sport, but we have a habit of even taking Kiwis and calling them our own, when we want to rub shoulders with success.

    Regrettably MotoGP is not a highly rated sport here, and this lack of awareness is a reflection of how far down motorcycling sits on the ladder. Personally I think it is the best sport of all time, and in this regard I am happy to be un-Australian for this passion.

    But back to the topic of motorcycle ignorance in the general community, I feel the current panic and alarm about bikie gangs is not helping us one bit either.
    When it comes to those guys, they are not doing motorcycling any favours.

    I just noticed the spell checker on this website is US not Australian. Suck on the reddots spellchecker! :p
  5. Stoner was 4th. Andrew Bogut (Basketball) was 1st ($13.5m), Adam Scott (Golf) 2nd ($12m) and Mark Webber (Formula 1) was 3rd ($10m). They are highish profile but nowhere near some other sportsmen.

    I 100% agree that in general non motorcyclists don't give much thought to motorcycling at all. Why would they? That's why they are so apathetic to anything like tolls or FNPs on motorbikes.

    In part, having a register of supportive statistics which are verified would be handy.
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    To be frank, if you are not into motorcycling it's a pretty dull sport. I watch it and enjoy it but compared to game of soccer it's got nothing in the raw emotion it brings out.

    As for studies, I'm sure someone would have an endnote library full of them.