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Common Sense prevails!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Iffracem, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Woohoo we win again.

    The Tas government has given up on the stoopid idea of blanket speed reductions. Somehow they thought that reducing all the speed limits by 10 kph with a 90kph state maximum would be the "magic bullet" (their words) that stops all speeding :shock: (they were also going to make the suburban speed limit 30kph :roll: )

    Anyway, tonights news claimed that they've had a rethink, and will instead concentrate on the areas that (IMHO) really need attention, school and shopping zones", and the proper enforcement of current law etc.


    I do believe two things influenced this result.

    1. A state election next year, they'll try again if they win.
    2. A lot of people like me bothered to make submissions, both before and after "public consultation" that proved they were using dodgey math to prove their ideas.

    I'm looking for some document proof to post, but hey.. two big wins in around a week. good stuff!!!

    Oh... and Bryan Green (minister for transport in Tas)... SUCKS TO BE YOU.. again :butt: :LOL: :LOL:

    JJ, glad to be a biker in Tas again :biker:

  2. Election? I thought that in Tassie each candidate just counted up all their cousins, and the one with the most won?
  3. Yeah.. but they can never agree, or count well enough to make a decision (pollies :wink: ) so they bring in an outsider to count for them.

    The outsider counts the little pieces of paper that each cousin gives to the family member of their choice. For some reason (probably poor pronunciation of some obscure West coast word) the process is called a "ballot".

    Every now and again the outsider finds that one cousin has given out two pieces of paper, that cousin is then proclaimed "governor"for showing such a high level of thought process.

  4. What's "Public Consultation"? haven't heard of it here in Vic, must be a new thing.

    Anyway, great to hear that they haven't gone down the road of false positives and knee-jerk regulations. If the road toll is less in Tassie next year (which it is statistically likely to do) then that is proof that messing with speed limits (and tolling riders!) doesn't do anything for safety.

    Good work with the letter writing too JJ! Every little bit helps...
  5. 30kmh? Un------believable.
  6. Gum'nt talk for lets pretend to listen to what people are saying, AFTER we have already made up our mind. Can only be counteracted if the "consultees" are very loud and obnoxious to the "consultors".
    Trust me, no-one could be more obnoxious to a pollie than me.

    Sadly, those stats you mention, made even better by the very noticeable reduction in traffic (esp 4WD traffic) caused by the high fuel prices, could also have been used by the gum'nt to "prove" their speed reductions worked had they been implemented.

  7. They plucked some figures from Sweden, showing a reduction in pedestrian deaths due to the 30 k limit. If it snowed for 9 months of the year in Tas then it might be relevant.

    The Swedish also retained 110 k max limits, but that part was skipped in the attempted justification of a 90 k max limit here.

    Ah well, a temporary reprieve for us.

  8. Bloody swedes again! I think we should suggest strongly to 'Dubbya' that Al Qaeda is establishing training camps in the hills outside Stockholm, and that a few cruise missiles might be in order.
  9. whats more, how do you police speed limits on bicycles?? As they would then be able to break the speed limit??
  10. Most fit people can run faster than 30kph! Book them too? Yes bikes can (and have) been booked - 30kph would make it even worse as thats below most bike's cruising speeds - it's a joke of an idea.
  11. Welcome to the world that all those, 'look how fast I can ride', 'speed limits are for sissys', 'legends in their own lunchtime' idiots are building for us.
  12. Abso - bloody - lutely spot on incitatus
  13. but this is Tasmania, the second syllable says it all.
  14. Yep .. can't agree more ... look at what's happening to Reefton .. more and more policing, along with many other "motorcycling bliss" type roads.

    Before the days of internet forums etc most of the really good riding roads/routes were guarded "secrets" amongst riders ... usually only talked about at "club" meetings/gatherings and the like.

    Back in the 70's/80's if you wanted to ride/race with a group you generally joined a "sanctioned" club, this gave you many benefits .. always a group ride on somewhere, (good way to find out about some brilliant roads), easy to get a "race licence" and race under the clubs banner, on a track!! .. oh and lotsa rallies and parties too :LOL: etc etc ..

    Nowadays .. with all these forums etc ... every man and his dog is openly talking about this bit of road and that bit of road and how fast they ride it etc.

    Any wonder our "playgrounds" are slowly being shutdown .. one by one ...

    Basically ... just shut-up about when/where/how hard we ride huh???? Otherwise ALL our fave roads will end up being 60kph speed limits etc and watched from above via "big brothers surveillence satellites"!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

    If ya wanna brag about how fast ya are .. join a club (easy/cheap), get a "licence" (easy/cheap) and go race on a track (all ya need is a bike that dont leak and a full set of leathers .. yeah yeah WITH knee sliders if ya must :roll: ) .... simple ... hell ya might even get yerself a trophy, (which stops the bullchit over a beer), and if ya do wind up the wick out on the road somewhere .. don't come onto a "PUBLIC" forum and brag about when/where ya did it ... sure .. we "friendlys" see but ya can bet so too do the "less than friendlys" ...

    Arrrgggghhhhhhh .. bugger this .. I'm going fer a ride .. and no ... I ain't tellin' ya where or how fast!!!!!!!!!
  15. This just in.... http://www.themercury.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5936,17047685%5E3462,00.html

    See, writing to pollies (just before election years) can work.

    So come on down to the (at the moment anyway) Sensible state.

    enjoy beautiful scenery, luverly twisty bits, friendly people and SENSIBLE SPEED LIMITS!!!

    Sux to be in SA, Vic, NSW now :wink:

    Good points Birdrock, speed freaks welcome, but please don't brag about the speed you can do down the Sideling, Poatina, or Elephant Pass, leave one place in Oz we can all enjoy our passion....

  16. First rule of politicians, what they give with one hand, they take with the other.
    I would be looking at what they are or have sneakily tried to pass whilst the spotlight has been on this issue......
    Quick policy turnarounds or backflips always raise alarm bells for me.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. True Typhoon, in this case its definitely "we're (current gum'nt) getting on the nose, better do some nice things to make sure we get re-elected"

    The popular leader (and, as pollies go, fairly likeable) who dragged Tas out of the poo died of cancer last year, his replacement hasn't controlled the bungling cabinet anywhere near as well, their stocks are falling faster than a tel$tra float.

    So some of the more onerous proposed legislation gets changed, watered down, or dropped. The test case for this was the proposed levy of bike riders, it got thrown out of the independent controlled upper house, so they backed down on this, and some others as well.

    The current gum' nt are the most athletic I've seen in a while, verrrrry good at backflips, not too good on the sublety tho (10/10 for technical merit, 6 as degree of difficulty, 0 for "artist impression")

    The "gotchya" is they have a huge war-chest of out tax dollars to buy votes, & the opposition is just plain hopeless, so I'm betting they'll be returned with an increased majority, juggle the ministers around portfolio's and re-attempt the crap legislation under the banner of "we have a mandate"

    So it's up to people who vote to ensure that the upper house stays independent (like we should have done in Canberra, eh! ](*,) )