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Common sense has now left the building

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. A 12 year old arrested taken away in handcuff's and held for 7 hours for scribbling on a desk :twisted:](*,), I know they cant give them a kick up the butt nowadays, but surely they have other tools than the police


  2. It's called vandalism, what's the problem? Want to let it wait until they paint it on your fence or your garage door? Yeah, I thought so...
  3. It's called common sense, a school can use detention and other punishments, the parents can punish too, if it was my kid i would punish them but it was not something needing police and handcuffs plus a 7 hour stay in the lock up. The police themselves should have also used common sense and not taken the kid away
  4. +100

    Stupidity in the extreme.
  5. Parents don't punish kids anymore… teachers can't… police shouldn't.

    I hate kids, so I'll volunteer for it =D>
  6. Is it that long since you were at school? Sheesh, you'd have been lucky to find the space to doodle on our desks and we all did well enough...
  7. Reminds me of a story from florida I think where a 12 year old boy was arrested by police for turning off computers and deliberately passing wind......how could the officers possibly say that with a straight face when having to enter the boy into the police system?
  8. I'll quote Homer.....Simpson

    "I believe the children are the future,

    Thats why we must stop them NOW!"
  9. Are you for real?

    You never scribbled on your desk in school, then?

    I certainly did and I can assure you, I have not gone on to daub mindless slogans on anyone's fence or garage door - or anywhere else for that matter.
  10. No. Why on earth would I want to vandalise school property?

    Put insects on seats, toads in bags... that sort of thing sure.

    But why break stuff other people have to use or create damage that some poor minimum wage cleaner has to spend an hour trying to clean up?

    If I wanted to scribble on stuff I scribbled on my folders...

    Having said that taking a child in handcuffs is over the top.

    That doesn't mean I believe they shouldn't have been taken to the police station necessarily... but hand cuffs to restrain a child?
  11. Bet the silly little slag won't do it again.
  12. And therein lies the point.

    Ok so sure, my opinion sounds kinda harsh, but it's my opinion and I'm allowed to have it. I had to paint my shit a few times, because of vandalism. It kept happening. So I started to provoke it by "crossing" the little pricks shit out in pink line marking paint. His visits became frequent enough that I managed to sneak up on him one night, and we had a little "chat". I haven't been painted since. But this is just the vandalism.

    Discipline plain and simple in this day and age is far gone and all but forgotten. Don't smack them, don't swear at them, don't threaten them, don't lock them in their room, don't put them in a cold shower, don't raise your voice, don't don't don't. People keep complaining about society degrading, and pissing and moaning about teenagers drinking, and are all distraught when young feckwits kill themselves in car accidents, and blame anyone but themselves when kids do drugs, but who the feck is actually gonna do anything about it.

    This kid learned a valuable lesson. By drastic measures? Isn't that all that's left?

    Be part of the solution, or quit feckin whining about the problem.
  13. Neither would the police officer if it was my kid, he would be choked with complaints and action on handcuffing and detaining a 12 yr old girl for that offence.
    He should have instead warned the school about the penalties for wasting police times and resources, gave the child a warning and moved on to do real police work
  14. I forsee a huge rise in kids signing other peoples names on desks.
  15. don't put them in a cold shower ???!?!?!?
  16. Don't lock them in wardrobes either apparently...
  17. One of our teachers was locked in a cupboard over night...
  18. No, he should have charged the child on summons.

    But the hand cuffs were over the top (unless she was resisting arrest).

    People should always be given a chance to come quietly, and if they come quietly then there's no need for hand cuffs.
  19. No, he should have charged the child on summons.
    Rubbish, the school should have dealt with it internally. Give her some spray and wipe and get her to clean all the desks in the room. leave it at that, the police should not have been involved.
  20. Some little shits will do it again and their parents will do nothing about it.
    This little "lady" would have been a repeat offender and her parents were useless hence the police being called most likely after repeated transgressions.
    She got off lightly imho