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Common sense failed me on the weekend...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. & as a result, I have two pieces of white paper with red writing & the name of a police officer on them, as well as an attached price of $468 & 5 demerit points.

    One is for allegedly doing 103km/h in an 80 zone, the other is for allegedly crossing an unbroken single line.


    The scene: I decided, after not being for a good ride for a few weeks, it was time.

    Melbourne to Warrnambool via the Great Ocean road, leave early, get there by lunch, see friends & family. Up at 6am, slight hang over, maybe sleep some more... Leave at 7.30!

    Melbourne to Geelong was pretty uneventful, as it usually is. Decided to go via Anglesea instead of Deans marsh like I normally do.

    Going very well, easing back into the corners outside of Anglesea, thinking it's going to be a great day!

    & it was. I got over on my tyres more than I ever have before, hammering r/h turns which are normally not my strong suit, generally having a great ride.

    Until I got outside of Lorne.

    I needed to dispatch some traffic in front of me as there were some nice twisty corners coming up, I overtook some cars (3 or so) & pulled in front of a late model Audi, right before the tight stuff.

    (I'm pretty sure this is where the allegedly cop got me, as I was actually being pretty good, just cruising between corners at 80 or so...)

    About 4 turns in I notice a car right up my arse, at this point I think it's the Audi, either having a good time or a bit pissed at being overtaken... Either way, I put my head down & up the pace a little, still legal though.

    Another three or four corners later, I notice the car is still there... It appears to be a late model commodore, not an Audi... strange.

    This is where my common sense failed me: at this point, it should have been abundantly clear that this was a cop car. You've all worked it out by now. Normally I'm pretty good at spotting them, but a lack of riding had dulled my once keen edge for pig spotting.

    At this point I should tell you about my mirrors: my mirrors offer a really good view of my elbows & some of the sky that may or may not be behind me, it's hard to tell...

    Any way, I'm getting a bit worried now, two tonnes of commodore wagon is not a good thing to have on my tail, so I up the ante a bit more. I slow down behind an old Kingswood in front of me, check my mirrors, nice blue & grey sky in the left mirror, as well as my elbow, check the right one, some elbow & a lot of commodore grilll... "Hmmm...." thinks I, so I go around the Kingswood, crossing an unbroken single line.

    Three more corners & allegedly three more safe places to pull over, it's starting to dawn on me that this is most likely a cop...

    But I am holding out hope that it's just a homicidal maniac who wants to kill me...

    Nope, cop car.

    We come around the last corner in the set, a sweeping r/h with a clear verge on the left, I sit up & suddenly I can see his disco lights on the dash, & this time he's pretty much mating my exhaust pipes, so I can hear the siren over my music.

    Now, this is a family site, so I won't go into my thoughts, but I take my helmet off & say "Good morning officer".

    It was still about 9.30 am.

    He proceeds to ask me if I ever use "Those things on the front of my bike"

    "What, indicators?", says I stupidly...

    "No, mirrors", he replies.

    We then have a discussion about the amount of commodore grill that was taking up said mirrors & I express my displeasure about the lack of safe following distance.

    A further discussion ensues, in which my alleged lack of indication was mentioned (see, stupid), he questioned whether or not I saw the roadworks signs, & proceeded to tell me he had tried to pull me over three times over the past ten minutes... I mention that my indicators have been playing up a bit lately, & he asks me to switch on the bike & make sure they work, while he waves in a Buell that was following for a "random" license check. Mentally, I ask why he didn't wave in the, by now, 10 cars that had passed in the mean time. I guess it WAS very random...

    Anyway, my indicators are working & man on the Buell gets a pass, I can barely raise a nod as he rides off...

    Officer comes back to me, I [strike]staunchly[/strike] respectfully defend my territory, questioning why he felt the need to nearly run me the :censored: over a lot.

    He claimed he had to, as we had passed three safe places to pull over.

    (After, it occurred to me that I should have asked why he needed to pull me over at all, he had my details, could he not have sent me a fine, without putting me in danger?)

    My brain had pretty much exploded by this point, so I was probably answering in noncommittal monosyllabic grunts. I think he got the point, & then told me he would be writing me up for speeding & crossing an unbroken white line, something I wouldn't have done unless there was a :censored: in a commodore on my arse.

    Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.

    Luckilly, I had half a Kitkat, so I had a half break, & took a breather for 10 mins. I waved at a DRZ rider to watch out the pigs, then proceeded to gear up. As I was doing so, said copper went back the other way, me still on the side of the road like an idiot.

    The rest of my ride was ruined, less than half way in. I couldn't hold a line, I couldn't commit to a corner, (it was :censored: raining to boot), I didn't get it together until just past Lavers hill... Even riding back sunday was not particularly enjoyable, I am a broken man.

    The money doesn't really bother me, I'll make more next week, & the points, well, I've still got a few, but the actions of the policeman involved really pissed me off. It turned out ok, nobody died, but I can't help thinking "what if"...

    What if I was a learner & my L plate had fallen off? What if I hit a patch of water & low sided? What if a motorcyclist ran over the officers puppy when he was 5 & now he's seeking revenge?

    So anyway, the cop finishes writing my tickets, explains them to me, then, get this, has the presence of mind & concern for my safety & well being to tell me he's not sure if I was using the front brake, but to be careful braking into corners, as there has been some rain around, & if I were hit some water I could lock the front up & lose it.




    So I say "Thanks for the advice, have a good day"... What the else could I do?

    Anyway, the morals of the story are:

    There's a time & a place: The place can be anywhere there aren't cops around & the time is whenever there aren't cops around.

    There's a late model purple commodore wagon stationed in Torquay that is really a cop car,

    & if someone is on your arse, pull over & let them through, it's not worth it.

    (Unless you think you can outride them, then go for it)
  2. comiserations.
  3. bugger mate, sadly we will read this story quite a few more times before the summer is over](*,)
  4. 5 demerit points?!

    Commiserations indeed!
  5. Yep, I thought I was doing ok, all my other offences were just 1 pointers, ah well

    You live, you learn. At any rate, you live.
  6. fixed that for you stewy
  7. wow that suxxors
  8. I had something similar simply riding to work one day. A late model commodore sedan was tailgating me severely, I was doing nothing wrong and was at the speed limit.

    I thought it was an unmarked cop, and surely enough when it got to an overtaking lane they went past and it had 5 uniformed cops inside.
  9. damn, thats never fun.
  10. So speeding kills, its deadly no one should ever do it.

    Except for police, who can sped, overtake illegally and use a vehicle with intent to intimidate... but its for your safety dont you know!?
  11. A bit harsh that he fined you for both - surely just giving you a ticket for one and a warning for the other would have been sufficient to get his point across.

    More importantly, its a shame you didn't get to enjoy the rest of your ride because of it.

    Still I admire your "I'll make more (money) next week" mentality. Put it behind you and enjoy your next ride
  12. Yep, it's happened to me before too, which is why I should have clicked earlier...

    Yep, ironic that he booked me for the very things he also did...
  13. Yeah, but on the flipside, he didn't fine me for failing to indicate, or for not slowing for the roadworks (which no-one was working at anyway...) That's the optimist in me talking.
  14. Love how people complain about the cops braking the law, it's the powers they have in their job, it's a bit hard to catch a speeder if you can't catch up to him. Just be more careful where you speed, we all know speeding doesn't kill only lack of skill.

    Also school holidays are now on, demerit points usually double over these periods,

  15. huh??? I believe that only applies in NSW
  16. Somehow I think you've missed the point. Yes they have those powers, they can do it legally. But when they're pushing the speed kills message so hard, its such a massive contradiction to say there is NO SUCH THING AS SAFE SPEEDING, and then speed themselves but say its ok because they're police. Its either inherently dangerous or its not quite as simple as that. Their propaganda unreasonably suggests it is that simple, but their actions do not.

    Ruins their credibility.
  17. you talking back may have prompted a second ticket, but in for a penny, in for a pound eh!
  18. Not only that but the officers must have 0.0001 second reaction times and their cars must have reverse space thrusters given the distance they tailgate other vehicles at.
  19. Quite possibly, but given the circumstances I thought I was very calm, rational & respectful. In fact, next time I will make sure to press the point harder & earlier, by the time I had put my complaints into a cohesive sentence I'm pretty sure he had already decided what to fine me for.

    I had a chat to The Tramp this morning, he thought I could very easily get off the crossing single unbroken line charge, but it would probably cost a couple of grand...
  20. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/vi...have-clocked-off/story-e6frf7kx-1225909847862

    Piggy can sit down to a bag of dicks if he wanted to fine you for that. The contractors failed to do their part by removing the signs after they left.