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committed finally

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dark8, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    Finally i have fully committed to getting my Motor Bike Learners. I actually joined this forum when it was still a .org (last year i think?) but have never had the time (or money) to go and get a learners. At 25yrs old i dont think im too old a dog to learn new tricks :p

    The time is nearing and i have finally put my foot down to do something about my dream. The first part is to actually get the damn learners which is something ill have to work on.

    The 2nd is something you guys can help me. I have fallen in love with the Honda NSR250. Dont ask me why, but i think one of the pics from this forum of one which had ns400(not sure if its the correct model?) exhaust exiting straight under the pillion caught my attention. If anyone is selling or knows of someone who is selling NSR please please please tell me. I've been reading all about them lately so hopefully as soon as I get my learners i will have an NSR to go with it.

    Cheers all!
  2. You sound like a riding with no previous experience! Would i be correct in assuming this??? If so then althought the NSR250 looks Horn and goes like stink do you really think it will make a good first bike?? IMHO i'd say it would be a terrible first bike but that's just me!!

    Anyone else have comments on this bike as a learner??
  3. G'day dark8!
    Looks like a race 'replica'..

    What state are you in? and I don't mean drunk..
  4. located in Melbourne...

    yes i know its not a really good learner bike (and i am inexperienced lol) coz it needs to be ridden hard, but i got access to friends CBR and a yamaha FZR250 (not sure model) so i guess i got plenty to learn on.

    And i wont be getting a bigger cc bike. Its just to fulfil a dream I guess haha.
  5. I got my learners at the start of last year at age 27. Fark all previous motorcycling experience and my 1st bike was and still is an NSR250. The power band on the NSR is not as crazy as the other 250 strokers (RGV/KR/TZR/RS), its very linear.

    :D I hear ya brother! I've got no plans for a larger cc bike either. I've always wanted to own an NSR250 since high school, especially an SP model 8) .

    If you need help in looking at one, there is a small group of us NSR riders in Melbourne that would be more than happy to help you. I would recommend MC21 ('90-'93) or MC28 ('94-'98 ) models, as Honda are still producing spare parts for them.

  6. dark8 wrote

    I have a dream i want to forefill but the missus wont be in it :cry: Anyway , welcome to the forum :D .
  7. Hey midnight, I cn see why you have that username. 4:25 am!! Man, do you ever sleep??
    (Thinks..."Maybe midnight is a vampire, bwhuhahahahahahahaha.")
  8. I live an odd life Rc :LOL: .
  9. lifestyles of the odd and imfoumes staring Midnight and his merry band of men :LOL:
  10. Midnight, you are a crack-up, love your work!
  11. thanks guys....geez you guys are a little late hahahah...4.25am

    I was always wanting to get MC21 but obviously MC28 is newer so would be better. But im always under the impression that MC28 is harder to derestrict than MC21.

    I would want an unmodified MC21 (seems hard to find an untouched one from what the classifieds are showing). I dont wanna kill myself before i even turn a corner with all that unleashed hp. Yet I also want to be able to mod it for the future when my confidence builds up.

    But the modded ones look so good....drool[/quote]
  12. no that's too powerful.

    buy a whippershipper motor and attach it to a bicycle. then when you have mastered that, get a 50cc scooter. Then maybe, just maybe, you can get a sh#tbox 250 that may as well be a bicycle with a whippersnipper motor. Then maybe, just maybe you'll be ready for an NSR. :LOL: :LOL:

    Seriously though mate, if an NSR is what you want, go for it. Just excercise control of the the right hand and your ego (which is always what makes us crash fast bikes), and you'll be fine.

  13. +1 on what dan sad
  14. Dan is the man. Those two stroke 250's can jump up and bite even experienced riders. Why do you think they're not on the LAM's approved list?

    If you WANT one, sure, go for it, but tuck it away in the garage and ride something more suitable till you're more experienced.

    That's my 2 cent's worth, anyway.
  15. in nsw they're not on the approved list! it says down the bottom, not the capcity but the power to weight ratio, and it says it includes almost all 250's with the exception of the nsr250, rs250, RGV250, TZR250 and kawasaki KR1... they're a lot more powerful than the regular 250's

    where are you from dark8 though anyways, cause i'm not sure if its the same in VIC
  16. "
    The power band on the NSR is not as crazy as the other 250 strokers (RGV/KR/TZR/RS), its very linear.

    Jezza took the thought out of my mouth. Some 250 'replicas' can be tricky due to uneven power delivery through the rev range. I don't know if the NSR is good or evil in that respect though.
  17. VIC Melbourne. Im pretty sure the rules in VIC restrict capacity size only and not type of engine. So if there was a production turbo 250cc four stroke i could legally ride it (even though the bike would probably explode first).

    When u talk of powerband you are talking the range in the revs which the engine is making max power am I correct? So when you say linear it would mean the power if very predictable and will not give out a sudden power surge (eg Honda VTEC)? I need something to compare it to so I know how it feels hahaha.
  18. Hey Dark.. whats your budget on the NSR? I have a couple in the shed. One mostly stock that is currently undergoing a revival and one extremely non stock.

    This is the non stock one http://www.ryemetal.com/nsr/1.jpg
  19. Correct, you can feel the power coming on and it's not a sudden instant bang - you get a bit of time to hang on! :LOL:

    I should scan my Dyno chart that we just did at Netrider's Dyno Day @ Dynoverks, which will give you a general idea of how linear the power is.

  20. i like the non stock look :p is that nsr150 headlights?
    wot year and model? budget max is 6500 inc gear. I have seen some nice ones go for around $5500. not sure about condition though. If the bike looks good i can strech the budget a bit. I dont need a full on track bike as its gonna be a) a deathwish b) waste of a good bike coz im sure ill end up dropping the darn thing.

    email me what your prices are and ill have a look at my finances. n4k@optusnet.com.au Cheers dude.