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CommGames closing ceremony

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. I hated the opening ceremony. Thoght it was boring, obscure, overserious and uninspired.

    But whoever put the gig on tonight knows what the hell they're doing! Hot indian chicks, a good dose off piss-taking, big bombs and a man-size serve of Farnsey. And SammyQ of Suade was up there in the backing singer group flying the flag for me and the boys.

    Thumbs up this time! I thought it rocked and it felt like MELBOURNE! WOO!
  2. mmmm.....
    I thought it was as boring as batshit and to top it off man-sized farnsey forgot the words to his signature song. :?
    i kept flicking back to it, thinking it's gonna go off any minute now....
    but no.
    the best bit was the indian contingent.

    (that's my two cents from the cheap seats in my lounge room.)
  3. Yup I must say heaps better than the opening embarisment :)

    And a big THANKYOU to Mr Scumbag :)

    He was a volounteer over the past few weeks but couldn't take advantage of his free tickets and passed them onto myself and Nadeen :cool:

    I did have reservations at 1st but after the 'scared wierd little guys' warmup
    b4 the show got started really set the mood :LOL:

    The photo flash "mexican wave" was a sight to remember :LOL:
    and love him or hate him our Lord Mayor Jon So, got a huge cheer everytime his name was mentioned :LOL:

    Once again Mr Scummy a huge thankyou from both Nadeen and Myself
  4. I thought it was crappy myself.
    farnham , i am not keen on him at the best of times.
    grinspoon , there songs werent that great

    now if they had of had nicleback sing "photograph" like they used it through out the coverage it would have turnrd things around .
    Bit of AC/DC
    Jimmy barnes singing the national anthem ( to working class man)

    At first I looked and thought what is the statue of the world doing in the corner of the screen , then when they panned around it was kasie donavon i wanted to see her come up on the centre stage , but alais i dont think it would have lifed her.
    Christ sakes , hasnt she blown out since australian idol :shock:

    yer...... yer......... before everyone gets there nickers in a twist she might have a great personality.
  5. I watched the MotoGP, You guys are poofs :p
  6. ICE AGE -> Dr. Doolittle -> bed

    closing ceremonies always suck.
  7. It was certainly more lively than the opening ceremony. But I cant believe that they delayed daylight saving for 1 week for the closing ceremony of the games. Thats just insane!
  8. No its not, its just very "Melboune" cough cough :LOL:
  9. The cut-in on the athletes message by Dame Edna was just plain embarassing and grimace worthy, not to mention lots of look-likes running around. I would totally be ashamed to be an Australian abroad after watching either/both the opening/closing ceremonies.

    Sadie forgetting his own words too .. pitiful!
  10. Flicked between the Moto GP, the Closing & one of the 50 other channels on Poxtel but the highlight for me was the cheer that went up everytime they mentioned Lord Mayor John So's name.

    Me thinks Howard and Bracks need to look at why he's so well liked here.

    Also the name of the female head of the Indian delegation :rofl:
  11. I was there last night.

    Overall, for what it was and the formalities it had to cover, I thought it was pretty good. Logistically, it couldn't be really anything more than a really huge Rock eisteddfod... but one of the best I've ever seen!

    I was spewing I couldn't get the full effect of the fireworks. :(

    The floating football and Edna were just plain painful. And the organisers clearly made no apologies for being so parochial.

    I was really glad to see current aussie performers featured - even if I didn't necessarily agree with who they chose.

    Farnsy is well known for forgetting his words... he uses an autocue at all gigs... except this one. When he repeated the verse over the prechorus I thought, wow what a nice touch.... until the band didn't follow him and then I just laughed. But what a pro - even the band's body language only stiffened a frag - they all got on with it.

    Is there really a Mrs Diksh!t or was that some aussie humour creeping in???

    SWLG's were not bad IMO.

    And how about the crowd roar every time John So was mentioned?? What's up with that? :?

    Great event.
  12. I liked it cuz it was a celebration of all the weird looking camrys driven by old people getting off the road....and beach road getting back to normal... and great to see John So is much more popular than Bracksie and little johnny

  13. We were sitting down at southbank and enjoyed the fireworks when it looked like melbourne just exploded
    awesome fireworks but not long enough
  14. yeah i like the fireworks it was good but a bit short..
  15. Some lyrics from Grinspoons opening song for the closing ceremony. Who chose this stuff?

    Come on and light it up
    I want to feel the rush
    I'll be shooting for thrills when I
    walk out that door

    Kills, Thrills and Sunday pills
    I'm on a mission to kill still cause
    nothin' thrills

    You're hooked on coke
    and hoochie
    I want my milk and cookies

    Poppin' pieces of pills up off the
    lounge room floor
    You say it's hard to care anymore
  16. ...that crossed my mind too Mouth... definitely inappropriate, but meh *shrugs shoulders*

    <insert "i wish it was my band opening the closing ceremony" emoticon>