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Commercial Posts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OOO, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. i just signed up and put a post up last night which i got a reply to by somebody, then an hour later it was gone, so i put it up again and that oerson replied aqgain and said he already replyed once to it whats going on?.
    then i log on today, and its gone again? whats going on with ya site..????

  2. Your post was deemed to be of a commercial nature, hence the reason it was deleted.
  3. im a stunt rider that is giving others the oppertunity to do wheelies and stoppies in a safe enviroment, without worry of the law or other road users.
    if you people think its commercial then why did i put up an extra $300 of my own money to get the last day happening?? i love the sport thats why and im trying to get it off the ground, when people crash there bikes trying wheelies on the street from your forum all because they didnt know that they could do it in a safe legal place? i hope you feel responsable. i will be passing the word around about your site thats for sure.. as im a member on every other aussie site on the net.

  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Ohhh wait...you were serious?
  5. i think that i need to add a few things here.
    for one, i understand that you dont want everyone advertising there stuff on your site,
    but; also understand that i dont make any money from this, i trully do it for the sport. the track and public liabilities cost a lot of money, money that i dont have readily avalable to me. so i post up to let people know that if they like stunting that it will cost them $100 to do so, this $100 goes to paying for the track hire and insurances, if we get more people than we need the extra goes to the next stuntskills day, which may be short a few riders to cover the costs needed, and if we are really short, then it comes out of my pocket. not that its anyone buisness anyway. but hey like i said, your riders are the ones that loose out. your moto is "connecting riders" yeah, as long as its in your own interests. ive already receved a few calls from some of your regested users that seen my post last night, saying it sux that your doing this. i would have prefered to do this off the public forums but due to another one of your RULES i have to have a certain amount of posts up first, but thats imposable when you keep deleting them. thanks for the hospitality from your forum.
  6. I for one think its cool that some people are trying to get a new and exciting sport off the ground in Oz,its never easy,and it always cost them to start up,i think a bit of support wouldnt go astray. 8) Dont get me wrong,im not trying to push my meagre weight around,just thought it would be a good thing is all. 8) Its not like they're advertising a business as much as letting people in Vic. know about the opportunity to practice stuff thats usually looked down on if 'practiced' on public roads. :wink:
    Just my 2 cents worth. 8)
  7. Good to see someone being so proactive about organising an event for something they have passion about. 8) Shame it has to be stunting. :(

    But I still love your little joke.......using safe to describe teaching people how to stunt or even stunting itself....classic!!! :LOL: :LOL: Then you tired to blame someone else for the stupidity of a clueless individual crashing their bike while attempting a wheelie......even better!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Then the threat to bad mouth the website to all and sundry.......you kill me!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I'd be interest to know how your insurance works......what happens if someone stacks thier bike on the day ( :roll: Like that will happen) does that come out of the insurance they are paying you for or is that covered by the owners comprehensive insurance for the bike?
  8. Corey,

    You may not like the terms and conditions of these discussion forums (they are here if you need to review them again) that you agreed to when you registered, but they clearly state that posting advertising for your own commercial business are not allowed.

    These terms exist to keep the enjoyment of these forums for everyone, and to stop it becoming a drop-in place for businesses to simply spam the membership base and never return. We have the links directory, partners & sponsors page, and advertising space to allow for commercial business linking and advertising to members and visitors. The links directory and partners & sponsors page are free services we provide to businesses and users.

    That your very first post (and subsequent posts) to this forum were about advertising your business means we certainly won't allow your postings to remain. Maybe if you were a participant in the discussion forums and contacted us to ask if it was OK, we may have been happy to allow it. But dropping-in simply to advertise your business constitutes spamming and certainly isn't fair to other businesses that do the right thing.

    You may believe that your business is not a commercial entity, because of the monetary aspect, but that doesn't mean we should bend the terms or exclude you simply because of that fact. Whether we like/dislike, or agree/disagree with your business is irrelevant, the terms are here for everyone.

    Note: If you didn't wish to make this whinge public, then the About & Contact page has all the information you required.
  9. fair enough, i see your point to all this completely. i can see that is seems that i could have just posted that up and never controbite to any others again, please accept my appoligies. if you seen my post rate on other forums like "stuntlife & oroadsports & ozsports bikes" and mre you'll see that they are all up around 500 + posts. i like nothing better than to chat with fellow riders about day to day things, thanks anyway.
  10. :shock: :shock:

    wellllllllll, good to see netriders supporting an upcoming sport eh :? while i KIND OF understand the breach of the terms and conditions, i see this as more of an opportunity for other riders than a shameless spam. this bloke is trying to help get a sport that hasn't got a very big following and is considered by too many as dancing with death.
  11. He's also asking for cash and then bagging the admins when they enforce their rules. He's since apologised and may find another way to promote his sport/business, fair enough. I can understand the need to keep spamming to a minimum and perhaps he didn't come across as a genuine enthusiust the first time around. I'm also, like matt, curious as to this "insurance" he talks about. What does it cover for instance?
  12. Relax OOO, I think its a ballsy effort taking this on (you're definately going to getting a lot of opposition) and good to see you are trying to offer a bit of protection, but as you would have probably noticed I am anti-stunting and my funny bone was tickled by your first few posts.

    Sorry I glossed over the bit about public liabilities and figured it must have been something extra with you refering to it as "paying for the track hire and insurances".

    Good luck with your endevour be it profitable or not, but I'll be giving my coin to the kneedragger sessions rather than the stunta sessions.
  13. OOO tells me its for Public Liability and it pretty hard to extend it beyond that at ANY track day.
  14. beleive it or not mate, a few of these days have been organised before and as far as i know, havn't ended in tears. you see stunting as dangerous and irresponsible? well some ppls see motorcycling as that too but you enjoy it.

    i know this site is a great deal more responsible than a bunch of others out there, and i think its a good thing considering the amount of newbies that come here, but writing this bloke off cos he's trying to introduce a sport that you dont like is a bit rude IMO. if you dont like it, dont watch it and dont do it, but dont be a killjoy just cos you dont like it :?

    sorry mate, i had to say something, your normally a bit more understanding than that as far as i know :)
  15. I'm a member at fireblades.org, our respective forums tend to clash pretty often. :wink:
  16. Deyago,i think the insurance 000 spoke of was in relation to public liability for them holding the event(ie Protection from some knob trying to sue them for his own stuff up) After tha debacle a few years ago of two blokes going at each other after an incident,shit just went haywire. BTW He didnt "ask for cash" so to speak man,you make it sound as if he was after handouts! :LOL: :LOL: It does cost money to hire out a track for the day plus having the medics there etc. Surely people dont expect them to do it for no charge? :eek:
  17. kewl :D took too long to punch that out didn't i :LOL:

    all good then eh. i just love stunting and i'd friggen kill for someone to organise something like that here in vic. i still reckon i'd have more fun at a track going fast but it'd be awesome to learn how to wheelie in a more controlled environment with a few more experienced blokes.
  18. Coco',they'll be holding another day in May,im goin up and your welcome to join me man,the more Vics the better imo. 8) You've put some good points across to man,good job. 8)
  19. Not writing the guy off, pretty impressed that he is taking it on, its going to be like pushing shit up hill. But you have to admit that he didn't quite go about selling it the right way.

    I'm *normally* pretty understanding, but my irrational dislike of certain things gets in the way sometimes. :wink: (e.g. "sorry mate, i had to say something, you're normally a bit more understanding than that as far as i know" :p )
  20. Pub lib would be the minimum for any event these days, thanks Mr Insurance Co Bastards :LOL: :twisted: .

    I'm a bit relaxed with phrasing sometimes, no offence meant. There is a point where he'd be making money out of this venture so it can be viewed as a business in that respect. I'm all for capitalism, commies don't make Hondas :D .

    I happen to think stunting is cool, I can pull a fair stoppie on the right bike but being a VFR pilot I'll have to give the scene a miss until I ride something more suited to the task.

    To 000, good luck (really), enjoy the site. We're a good bunch of people but have a low tollerance for wankers. Stick around for a while and get a feel for the people you are talking to.