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Comments section heading towards slag-off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fenner, May 31, 2011.

  1. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/...orcyclist-deaths/story-e6frea83-1226065679905

    This article (about Ulysses club members handing out good gear guides) has 20 comments, and most of these have lowered themsleves to a denigration of either motorcyclists or car drivers. On the up side, 3 posts have actually discussed gear. Point is, once again, something that could be useful, looks like becoming just another slag-off argument.

    I have left it alone, but what do you all think? Should we be more militant, and "correct" posts saying we are all speedy little annoying boy racers when we see them, or is it better not to get involved, if only on the basis that it's probably ony the cranks getting the posts published, anyway (The Advertiser seems to have a tendency to move away from reasonableness, and only take letters from the talk-back radio kind of respondants!).
  2. It's a Murdoch publication so I'm not going to add any hits to their site.
  3. The comments are pretty much what I expected. Drivers who haven't got a clue, riders who think wearing all the gear is the best thing since sliced bread and riders who disagree.

    The only issue I have with the government getting involved in this is that it brings us one step closer to compulsory gear (which they will get wrong) and/or fluro gear (which is just plain wrong).
  4. Actually riding round on a bike painted up like a cop bike would be pretty cool. Watch the pricks in the cars shit themselves as you filter past.
  5. Comments sections will sap your will to live and faith in humanity
  6. Ex-cop Beemers and ST Hondas (or, indeed, anything else with a big white fairing) are awesome tools for "making progress" in traffic.:twisted:
  7. Mate of mine had a white BMW LT100, with POLITE in blue letters across the front. Scared the shit out of me on the first couple of rides I did with him.

    The Police asked him to remove the lettering. He went a step further and re-sprayed it dark blue.
  8. No use attacking the ones who come on and beat their chest about their abilities really.
    Funnily the ones who ring me to book in and tell me all their stories, are the most humble on the day. "Oh I haven't ridden in ages" Or "I have never ridden one of these before"
    Better to ignore me thinks.
    On here for crapping and out there for scrapping.
  9. Keyboard warriors, usually totally different people when youre in their face..
  10. Too true.
  11. And again today, in


    when they are supposed to be discussing elderly drivers...

    Bill of Quorn Posted at 12:31 PM Today

    @Rachel, to be fair, have you ever studied yourself whilst riding you motorcycle? if you considered the other drivers on the road by staying in the traffic line instead of weaving in and out of the traffic like most motorcyclists do then other drivers young or old wouldn't have to craning their necks to check their "Blind Spots" and to be honest I consider you motorcyclists to be more of a hazard on the roads these days than the older drivers.

    I really, really, really need to stop reading the news.
  12. This whole "comment on every article" web 2.0 stuff is bullshit, I wish they'd do away with it. Everyone thinks they're a ****ing expert nowadays. If you know what you're talking about write to the letters page and it will make the editor's cut.
  13. "I think its funny reading here how all the motor bike riders are never at fault. These would be the same riders that ride between cars at speed, use bus and parking lanes when it suits them and race around Chain of ponds like its their own personal race track. "

    Is that not legal outside of NSW?
  14. Fucking Quorn has a population of a 1000 and is in the fucking nowhere, who gives a fat rats arse what fucking Bill of fucking nowhersville south australia thinks.
  15. Its legal Inside NSW. "Bus lanes" are motorcycle ok, "bus only" lanes are not
  16. That's gold Mick. You wouldn't happen to have any pics would you mate?
  17. I don't, but I'll see if he has.
  18. Sweeeeet :D