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Comments / Recommendation Req - SydneyCityMC Lane Cove !

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Mickyb V9, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. hey folks !

    Can people share their thoughts on SydneyCityMotorcycles Lane Cove ?

    Service department.
    Quality of service.
    Satisfied customer and Shocker stories.

    thanks . . . .

    I'm getting my bike looked at there with the stuck clutch.
  2. Yeah when I hada a spill a couple of years back they did the repairs, and it was a good job. They look after you there. I guess I felt they were neutral though, nothing to complain about but nothing to sing their praises. So yeah, I would say they are worth it.
  3. Sorry I guess that really doesn't help much though. :p
  4. Well so far they have been above average good !

    They have returned all my calls.
    Provided me with recommended bike transporters.
    Given me realistic dates they can look at the bike.
    Gave over the phone consultation of what could be the problem.

    So, so far so good !

    I just want to know how their workmanship and work ethic is like.
  5. oooops, forgot to remove my series 1 "Brother P-touch" limited edition Netrider numberplate surround !!

    No doubt the boys at SCMC-LaneCove are now browsing ! :LOL:
  6. Again, not exactly what you ae looking for, but I reguly order parts from the Kogarh store, and pick up from the liverpool store. I have three critism:

    1. They stock so little, that you have to wait on the simplest parts. Though admittadly ususally a couple of day.
    2. When the part isnt available from Suzuki aus, the wait could be anything and they can't tell you what it is.
    3. They insist on full up-front payment for parts you order in. As far as I know this is illegal (10% is all they can legally take as a deposit and even then they are required to put it into a holding account), though I've never taken them to task on it, because I am always after the part.

    I've used the Liverpool store for a tyre plug once and they seemed really dear. They had to remove the tyre to do it and didn't back off at bill time. Took their time about it too.

    So, a little on the negative side, but almost neutral and not the Lane cove store.