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Comments about this rider made me laugh

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Whipster, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Seems like there's been quite a change in this guy's confidence over a couple of months :shock: :


    Assuming it's the same guy :p . Can't read too much into this website anyway, I know, it's a pretty flawed system. Just thought I'd post these comments though coz they gave me a chuckle, and also made me wonder what happened to this guy between Feb and April...

    (yes - it's a slow day at work :LOL: )
  2. So he was doing a stoppie when the first commentor saw him?
  3. heheh I like the member comments in response to "came past doing a wheelie"

    Theres a comment in that system that has something like "driver fails to drive car, car sits in garage gathering dust" forget which plate it was for
  4. if you're doing a wheelie, is it possible to see the plates? pointing down and all that..
  5. why isn't my old bikes' number plate... i am hoon-matic
  6. sounds like he has good bike taste!
  7. That is a very scary website. Unknown people publishing their "opinions" of others driving habits and their numberplates.

    Try this one "After speeding most of the trip from Wollongong train station he decides at last minute not to go through the orange lights at Colorbond Port Kembla..almost resulting in me rear-ending him. Then decides to continue speeding all the way back to Mt Warrigal."

    Can anyone see the problem? The witness is complaining about the guy speeding from Wollongong to Port Kembla. Looks like the driver may have been trying to get away from the mug following to close.

    Apparently in NZ the police listen to the public and take action. What happens if I send in a fictitious report on my neighbours number because I don't like him?
  8. :LOL:

    The cop said to the Irishman when he pulled him up, "Were you speeding, Paddy??"

    The Irishman replied, "No, Officer, but I passed lots of people who were!!"
  9. NZ

    Well, they will write to the driver and tell him/her that a person complained about his/her driving skills. It will be on record, but you can write back to explain your side of the story. I got such letter and the reason I believe is that my number plate is easy to remember.
    Public can call police if you drive dangerously and can actually end up in court provided the reporter bother to go to court.

    This is a good read:
    www . blingworld . co.uk/toll-booth/index.php?showtopic=431
  10. what a stupid site that is.

    I love it how in the WA section - every bloody report is from the same person.
  11. yep. most ratings coming from one or two cranky gits with too much time on their hands.

    The funniest I think is the section down the bottom which has their 'top raters'. Check out 'taxman' who's averaging 10 ratings a day. What a horrid, petty life that person must lead :roll:
  12. i just like the driving habits pie chart

    illegal street racing 50% driving too slow 50%

    also the comment "maybe next time he'll have better aim" :LOL: :LOL:
  13. yeah its the same as rollerblading "you can't skate here"
    "why not?"
    "its too dangerous"

    its always from people who can't skate themselves so it must be tooooooo dangerous cause who would think of doing that

    I bet that person would say the same about push bike riders if they had a license plate
  14. I've only gone through a few posts but I'd say that 70% of those are from "Uralla9"!! What a loser!! I mean, DUDE GET A LIFE! He/she either fail the test to become a copper (probably to dumb too) or is just another retired citizen with WAY too much time in his/her hands. Nothing against pensioners, don't get me wrong. They've done their time I can only hope they enjoy what's left. I know I will! But who's got the time to be writing down license plates of passing motorists/riders??? What really shocks me though is to hear all this people complaining about others as if they are an official part of the law enforcement. Who are you to judge other? I believe that if you have never committed an offense (regardless of getting caught), you're not part of the society!! (yep, I do my occasional little judgment as well! You see, I'm a hypocrite)
    If Uralla9 has never sped in his life (even for a moment/regardless of reason) he/she either doesn't drive/ride or is liar.

    breath in... breath out... Ok, I'm calm now! :p
  15. Ha ha ha, this site (ratethatplate) is full of wankers!! Did not stop at stop sign, why would you even bother reporting that??? And apparently some insane maniac was doing 90 in an 80 zone, dear LORD!
  16. some of that site is just too funny.

    Highlights from plate DOSEME (Sorry can't put direct link in yet)