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NSW Comment | Why the government's slow-down mantra is flawed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by snuff3r, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. http://smh.drive.com.au/motor-news/speed-not-the-big-killer-20121221-2bqbd.html

  2. Yes very true the same old propaganda and fear campaign more enforcement more cameras more control .
  3. Should be;
    Monitoring speeding at very limited points in time and travel is easy, so that's where we'll spend our effort this holiday season.
    Of all the road rules, I wonder if anything else gets even half the attention of speeding.

  4. Or

    Out of all the road rules..

    Which returns the most amount of money?

    It's a business.
  5. That's the problem with government, it's not a service to the people, it's a goddamned business. When the very core of your government is fcuked, what possible hope do you have.
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  6. i think the reason that the safety campaign is upped at this time of year is simply because no-one wants to lose a loved one right by xmas.
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  7. You obviously have more faith in the authorities than most of us. For mine, it's nothing more than a scare campaign designed to acclimatize the sheeple to harsher penalties.

    Losing a loved one at anytime is hard, Christmas/Easter is no harder or easier. (personally experience)
  8. not really, i think they're after fines all year round, not just at xmas time.

    there are just more people on the roads at this time of year.
  9. I have a family member in Vic pol last weekend they breath tested 1200 people and only one was over the limit . One from 1200 yet the media would have us believe its a much bigger problem . Why
  10. Well if this statement from the OP is correct "despite long-term stats showing there is no discernible difference in the road toll in holiday times", and your statement is correct that there are more people on the roads at this time of year, then that would tend to imply that at worst people are no different during Christmas, and at best they're actually more careful.

    PS. SERIOUSLY, what the fcuk is NR's default font? It just says Font Family but it's not selectable, and it screws up the look of anything after you quote
  11. In announcements there is a thread dedicated to issues with the new forum. There is also a while forum called site discussion that can be used for questions.
  12. I don't think they put the message out because there are more vehicles on the road at this time of year as, subjectively, there seems to be less traffic during the school hols...
    I belive they make a point of warning folk to be more careful because a/ people are going places other than their usual routes, and b/ half the staff of services are on leave (and don't want to be called in to scrub gravel rash out of your butt cheeks :D)
  13. meh, it was relevent to my post since it had the changed font in it. I wasn't expecting Mouth to find it and fix it, just mentioned it in case someone did know what the font was
  14. For future reference, the "default" font is "Lucida Grande" (falling back to "Lucida Sans Unicode","Trebuchet MS", "Verdana" and finally plain sans-serif). Block quotes are simply styled with italics.
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  15. Thanks man, I realise this isn't the thread to get it cleared up but I was raging at the time having clicked through every available font and not finding the right one. I'll stop off-topicing the balls off this thread now.