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Commando . . . Ch7 tonight !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Another 80s classic with the classic Arnie one liners !!

    What did you do with Sully ?
    Arnie - I LET HIM GO !

    . . . Sully you know how I promised i'd kill you last !
    Arnie - I LIED !

    . . . The Green Berets are going to kick your ass !

    And my favourite . . .. LET OF SOME STEAM BENNETT ! :rofl:

  2. actions speak louder than words...

    I thought falling a couple of hundred feet from a plane and landing on his feet was a good trick. As for Bennett, he should have stuck with chasing Max Rockatanski. He was a wimp in Commando compared to his role as Wes in Mad Max 2.
  3. Yeah i watched it last night (well bits of it anyway)

    i did hear

    yeah saw those..... :)
  4. Saw this in the paper and was looking forward to watching it again - then realised stupid regional TV (aka Prime) considers crappy sitcoms a better use of TV time than an Arnie movie :evil:. Heresy I say.
  5. Ch7?


    I've had this on DVD for years :grin: