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Commander and hypercharger system availability Honda VT750C

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by parer69, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    Can some member advise if their is a commander system and hypercharger available and where to buy to suit a 2006 Honda VT750C cruiser bike.Are their any other modifications available to improve performance outside of engine rebuilds

  2. great question...

    im picking up my VT750c2 on Saturday, but want to know whether there is a hypercharger to suit an EFI application... also where to get pipes and appropriate chips to suit perhaps?
  3. There are a number of outlets that have both of those components
    try custom dynamics and scoot works
    both are in the states so factor in shipping
    custom dynamics seems to have an excellent plug and play EFI system
  4. i guess thats like asking where to get a turbo charger for a 250 sports bike (been there done that).

    the obvious answers that most people will give you are "upgrade to something bigger ..." BORING!!

    the general consensus is that performance mods on a smaller bike (i guess a 750 is on the smaller side for cruisers) is that bang for your buck, you are much better off just upgrading to something with more capacity (maybe a 1500 or 1800 or something massive like that).

    however, if you seriously think your bike is king schitt and irreplacable, you have to look into whether or not it has carbies or fuel injection. i havent heard of too many bikes with carbies getting a miracle chip to make them go faster, you might have to invest in bigger carbies to do that. im a bit of a noob so theres a fair chance someone will come and tell me im wrong.

    im guessing the best mod for you to do on a cruiser are the pipe (grab one off ebay or from a bike shop) anything above that is serious money.

    if you are mechanically minded and you want your beloved steed to run like a mexican whos just hopped the american border, you may consider perfomance carbies and a turbo charger. as for the chip idea, im hoping someone can help you more than i can because i reckon you wont find one for a cruiser. good luck though.

    tell us how it goes too!

    have fun with it buddy. let us know how it goes, cause i cant wait to have a crack at turboing a bike, or see how someone else does a backyard bodgey up with one.
  5. so young and so full of enthusiasim :roll:
    Carbies can easily be tuned by changing jets or adjustments.
    most bikes leave the factory so lean that simple mods like exahusts fuel and air can have a dramatic effect on perfomance. athleates don't train to breath better because it looks good.
    A hypercharger is about 6-700 dollars us, a filter 100 exhausts 1000 and efi or jet kits about 300
    if you are paying only a 2000 dollar changeover on your new bike you have done extremely well.
    you will get used to the power on almost anything so putting mods to the bike is sometimes cheaper and gives you some personalization to your ride.
    Just banging a pipe on a bike is not the most effective way of performance gains and can actually lower horsepower.