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Comm Games Relay Bikes (Updated)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Guest, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Here are some pics of the Police Bikes involved with the Comm Games Relay.

    I will post somemore up after I have finished fighting with Photobucket. :grin

  2. It'snot working chump.

  3. At least they are wearing their village people pants :LOL:
  4. The powers that be need to shell out for some decent gear for those buggers; I wouldn't want to come off in those boots, or those pants. Some aren't even wearing gloves! :shock:
  5. whois the bottle blonde with the grease paint?
  6. im gonna guess its a friend/relative ???
  7. its just a ploice bike ?????
  8. You should forward these pictures to The Assistant Commissioner for Traffic Noel Ashby, aka Mr "Riders should suit up" :)
  9. My Girl, Mate
  10. how can you be sure? :twisted:
  11. :? :? Explain Please, how can I be sure of what
  12. i second that!

    maybe the response shoud've been... "shes in my bed right now" or something similar?[/quote]
  13. Not now, But 14hrs ago

    :grin: :cool: :grin: