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comings with sumoto?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by HILLY, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. hey there has any one ever had any thing to do with sumoto?
    if so or know of any one who has what is so bad about them exept prices? as the othere dealers seem to be charging the same any way?
    or do they sell crap if so like what ?
    please let me know of what u know or have heard?
    please thanks heaps
    p.s as where im coming from any bike shop do not have cbr250 or will not have anything to do with them and with priv sales u have nothing to fall back on in any way.
    please help

  2. This topic has certainly been bought up plenty of times on here. All i can say is there is a very small percentage who would say go there.. :shock:
  3. Send me a private message if you want specifics and my "Story" which will hopefully end tomorrow, however i believe it may drag on.
  4. S/He'll need to make 2 more posts before s/he can PM
  5. can someone teach me how to use the search function because when i type in Sumoto, it comes with a whole bunch of random crap, most of which has nothing to do with Sumoto :/
  6. The search function's not working properly lately. Just scroll through the forum.