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Comings and goings at the Motorcycle Show

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Well, here we are at day two of the Sydney Motorcycle Show.

    It's stinking hot outside already, but there's a cool welcome at the Netrider stand. Come along and say Hi :)!!––––--

  2. pfft last time i did that all i got was a sticker!

  3. We get free hugs?
  4. Sydney? Pfft.
  5. For sure, even group ones
  6. i for one was disappointed by the show this year. Yamaha didnt let you sit on the bikes...wtf? its a bike expo!

    did see the NR stand but i rudely ignored you guys, sorry about that!
  7. Just don't throw your keys in the bowl....:LOL:
  8. hopefully will ride down tomorrow, spent today putting the stupid car back together
  9. Hell, having all the bikes on stands so that you can actually sit on them and assess the riding position is one of the main reasons I go to an expo. One can't do this at a dealership because the majority of models don't have centerstands as standard. Yamaha made quite a mistake here IMO.
  10. Hey Vic, can you ask Jason to get me an autograph from Troy Bayliss in the west pavillion please. He will know what I mean.
  11. Vic and Jason, I hope it is going well for you both, and your Forum.
  12. No Segway visit this year Vic, we've moved from next to the dome, to Newington Armory, not enough time to make my way over :(
  13. :LOL: now I know your real facebook name bwhhahaha
  14. Hahahahaha .... funny bastard! :)
  15. Um, it's spelled "G-R-O-P-E"....
  16. nice to meet yas ya malakijas, bit of a funny bastard that vic

    regarding the yamaha stand and no bike sitting, i was there today and every bike was being sat on..
  17. Any chance of some photos of some of the nice new bikes there for us melb folk who aren't worthy of a show this year
  18. ...I didn't get no free sticker!!... and not even a hug either!!.... :cheeky:

    Hey!!.. for someone called "mouth:.. you sure didn't say much!! :D... I guess that Vic & Hornet say enough hay??.... :p