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coming to sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by snowey, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Hi All.
    I am a rider from sunny California and a new member to the forum.
    I recently found out that I will be in australia for a couple of weeks early next month and I am considering extending my stay to travel around a bit. I am going to be in sydney. I recently got the idea to maybe rent a motorcycle and go riding around outside of the city or whatever. My question is: Is it worth it? Is there much to see in or around sydney (either with or w/o a motorcycle) that can be done in 5 or so days?
    I have heard of people spending months traveling australia and new zealand but would it even be worth it for me to extend my stay by 5-7 days?

    Do you know of any good moto rental places? All the ones i found online want ~$180 AUD a day, which is pretty pricey.

  2. Not sure about pricing, snowey, but there's enough in Sydney and 100 miles north and south to keep you occupied for months!

    I'm sure I'd be joined by a few NSW riders who'd love to help show you around our fair city, and its environs, what do you reckon, fellers???

    Go to this webiste http://www.ozmoto.com.au/ and see what you can find out. I'll PM you my mobile number and my private email address, get in contact wit me and let's see what we can arrange.

    **Remember you're cominng in the hottest part of our summer, travel light!

    Oh, and welcome to the best motorcycle forum in the whole known universe! :D
  3. Try this place:

    Close Motorcycles

    They're in the city. Check out the "Guaranteed Buy Back" dealy they've got going on...

    Nice to see that Netrider has gone global by the way.

    Welcome to the forums by the way...
  4. You'll fill in 3-5 days in Sydney pretty easily. That would just be hitting the iconic landmarks. Another couple of days in more regional areas will only scatch the surface.

    We get pommie backpackers that hang around for years.

    A lot of second hand bike stores will rent you a bike and there are quite a few on the net.
  5. Hi snowey , welcome . cant comment regarding your question , i'll leave that to the northeners :D
  6. You could save a bit of money by not renting the bike for the entire time. You can see a lot of Sydney by foot and public transport.

    Maybe hang around the city for a few days then once you've seen a bit and get your bearings, hire a bike.

    Public transport is dear in sydney, compare to say New York, but it's still cheaper then bike hire.
  7. cheers

    Hey guys, thanks for the tips.
    I am going to be shooting some TV show for ten days ending on the 18th and then I am staying in sydney for an extra week. I was thinking it would be neat to head out to melbourne on a bike (or at least partway) along princes highway, with stops along the way. Is that a nice ride?

    If I only end up renting for a day or two then I don't know if its worth it for me to bring my own gear. If I am staying at some hostel and moving around with a backpack I don't want to have my helmet with me. On the other hand, I typically subscribe to ATGATT (all the gear all the time).
  8. The Princes hwy is a nice ride. It has been spoiled of late by speed cameras. Plan 2 days each way as it would be unpleasant utherwise. A couple more in Melbourne. It's further away then most overseas visitors realise.

    Helmets are compulserary in all Australian states, but you should be able to organise one with whomever you rent.

    What time of year are you looking at doing it? It does get quite cold here during winter and riding without the right gear can make riding very unpleasant.
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  10. Hey snowey,

    Out of curiousity, what TV show are you in?
  11. You could also try BikeScape and always hire all your gear when you get here.

    This should help you out with distances.

    Sydney to Melbourne would be vaguely equivalent to riding from San Francisco to Seattle.
  12. Its a reality show thats going to be on the discovery channel. I applied for it on a whim and ended up getting selected.