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Coming to Oz from USA

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by leighton_co, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Hey guys and appropriate gals,

    Im gonna be going to Australia thumb. in April, Im thinking about starting in Perth any and all suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated!

    anything will help, most likely will be renting a bike while Im down there. I have one friend in Perth but am looking to make some more friends to help me find my way. I plan to end up in Melbourne or Brisbane. duel.

    Ive gone touring across the US some so I am not too worried about traveling long distances, its just the whole foreign country thing. gerg.

    I just dont wanna end up dead or hospitalized so any and all help would be appreciated.!!!

    OKAY....I have been riding dual sport since I was 17 im now 26 and have had two difrent machines. BMW f650 and a BMW R1200GS... I currently own a 83 BMW R80 Rt..Highly customized to the point of its almost a GS but doesnt have the suspension travel associated with the r80gs of the time. HOWEVER. I live in colorado. right next to the rocky mountains and love to take her into the twistiest and most extreme corners on the BITUMEN as u call it. But i also love to put some more aggressive 50/50 tyres and take it off roading. mostly nothing more intense then a few logging raods and overland passes.

    to say what kind of country i love to ride in, well.... Colorado is both mountains and plains desert. So i enjoy it all. I recently as of this same time last year took my bike along with my dad and his r1200gs and went to the gulf of texas. To put into perspective about 9600km's trip total. which is about 6000 miles.!
    so sand, wet, dirt, some mud, rock, Bitumen (pavement) and lots of other types of handling I am quite used to......

    SO AUSTRALIA has it all. I like the hills the valleys and the twisties more importantly....when i went to texas the so called "three twisted sisters: which is a series of "twisties" that the harleys and all those fellow kin take on the weekends and proceed to party at the few bars along the some 200 miles of the route.

    I hated it..they were some of the most un "twisted" sisters ive ever gone on....but each to there own. i suppose if i was from there I may become intimidated by what i know as "twisties"

    well thanks for reading...i tend to ramble...PEace! Now you know what riding i like. Ill be outfitted with an f800gs and the associated camping kit. cromag.

    If you cant change tyres/oil..learn.

    You will need a good quality type container for spare fuel/water (this is very important)

    Fill up at every opportunity out bush.

    Be carefull with campfires...clear around for 3 meters.

    Camp out of sight of road/traffic.

    Tell SOMEONE where you are going,when youll be back etc, periodically (say every 2 days) if you dont make contact...they will contact authorities etc.

    Carry spare tubes/tyre plugs/tools / Pump/air bottles (although pumps don't explode, don't ask me how I know)

    Beware contaminated fuel, carry a strainer or pantyhose.

    Stay hydrated,..people die "out there"

    Aim for 80kms/hr touring speed, be realistic you will avoid carnage/see more

    Don't ride before 7.30 am/sunset.

    Have fun..bring an open mind.....

    Carry you rubbish out with you for disposal in BIN NOT BUSH.

    Bury "human" waste,, not closer than 100 meters from watercourse.

    Take heaps of photo's, hook up with some people on here, write a journal of your travels,thoughts,list your daily stats/consumables.
    You could then write a wicked RR so we can all read your exploits
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  2. The most important rule for an American riding in Australia

    Keep Left!
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  3. all goood stuff to know, so i already know these things!
    All im looking for here is good camping and good hotels and destinations!
  4. Avoid riding when the local wildlife is licking water off the road, early morning and early evening.
    Visit every pub you can along the way and talk to the locals about road conditions etc and where to find the hot chicks.
    Otherwise this place is so much like the US that until someone speaks you'll think you haven't left.
  5. indeed, and the most important thing for ausies driving near people from the states! WATCH OUT! lol[​IMG]
  6. Best thing to do is post up your current position and then you'll get those in the know responding.
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    right good advice id say

    going to try and do such
  8. Well if you like twisties then Perth is not a good place to start. Nice place, but very flat. If you are stuck on it, then most of the interesting stuff is from Perth south and around to Albany.

    Coming directly East from there you have to cross the Nullabor. This is not like riding across the US. It's like the Mojave but for 3 days and only 3 "gas" stations. People die out there, so take it seriously.

    Here's a thread by one of our veterans undertaking the trip (in reverse) on a Ural:

    He did nurse it, but it will give you some idea of the undertaking.

    It's a similar story if you head north of Perth to do a clockwise lap of Australia.

    The twisties are mostly in the Eastern states. Starting from Adelaide going east and then north. Even then it's not going to be like Colorado. I've been there and the biggest thing we have is about 1/4 of that stuff.

    Since you are into adventure bikes maybe consider something like the Old Andado track (or similar outback rides), but once again, this can be deadly, so do your homework. Keep in mind that outside of the cities you wont see anywhere near as many people as the US. This is a good thing, but if you break down it can be serious. Even driving in remote areas of Colorado I would see people. In Aus it could be days before you see people and that is only in mildly remote areas. In more seriously remote areas it could be months.

    Anyway have fun, just don't expect a cruise.
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  9. when ya get to Melbourne mate, look me up if you need a sofa for a few nights, more than happy to put up a fellow traveller, also I will be repaying the americans that put me up last trip to NC.
  10. right on! I will have to remember. at the very least we could go for a ride.
  11. all of our galls are appropriate mate
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    I wasnt expecting a cruise! LOL...but however im just tired of the hussle and bussle of my area, i live in the country anyways....its really nice...or it was..till neighbors sold land and had it developed into a housing area. now i cant even shoot a shotgun in my own backyard. i used to be able to sight in my gun without fear too. there wasnt anyone for ten miles. now its about one mile to my multiple lovely neighbors....townies...they gone right crazy thinking what they do...i dont blame them for wanting more space...but at the expense of higher property taxes for us out in the boondocks...i love to wake up at 4 in the morning and rev my old airhead without any mufflers just to wakem up...but i guess burt munro did too...spose him and i are kin.

    no doubt..just gotta watch out for them...they can be just as dangerous as a jaguar
  13. I'm just being cautious.

    Every year a few individual lob over here from the US or Europe, for the adventure, and the get the last one of their life.
  14. very true that same can be said about anywhere and anyone. in the usa it happens all the time with students coming from overseas.
  15. Most of the tourists who die are fools who go into the desert without a backup plan or enough water. Animals will normally leave you alone unless provoked (exception being crocodiles in the far north), but kangaroos WILL jump in front of you unexpectedly.
    Serial killers are mostly a media beat-up. Some people get themselves into a little bit of bother by failing to understand the confrontational Aussie sense of humour. Once in a while someone forgets to ride on the left side of the road.

    There are lots of good roads, sealed or dirt, and lots of boring ones. Use your head, ask advice and there will be no worries.

  16. i am used to the confrontational humor. my family are all weird like that too.

    thanks for the general advice. I always pack an extra can of petrol and water.
    never know i always say.
    i live in the desert area too so it makes sense to me at least. aint no city slikers here
  17. Don't watch Wolf Creek the night before you set off, be a bit like watching Air Crash Investigations on your iPad in the departure lounge.
  18. you mean i cant go see the sequel in the theatre?
    dang it..i really wanted to watch airplane with mr magoo too before i took off! i guess it doesnt help that im a pilot too!
  19. oSince you've obviously got the right attitude and experience I doubt you'll have many problems. The one thing to remember that has killed and injured quite a few visitors is the "KEEP LEFT" thing.

    What happens is that people pack up in the morning and automatically head off the way they're accustomed to and if there's no traffic visible to remind them then they forget. You need to overcome that automatic reaction. In a car you have the automatic reminder of sitting in the opposite side - although I've frequently gone to hop in the passenger side when I've been in the States Make up some sort of reminder to put on your instruments or your tank to assist until it becomes habitual. And be careful when you get home too :)

    Oh yes... Make sure you avoid any drop-bear areas, especially in the far north. Those little buggers are lethal.
  20. And the grey nomads, fools in their declining years towing vast caravans at a mind numbing crawl attracting brave over takes.