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Coming to Melb 11 & 12 July

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dangerman, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Hope this is in the right forum topic :)

    I'm coming to Melbourne in July for the first time. I've heard that Melbourne has some great roads so I wanted to go for a ride while I was over.
    I've organised to rent a VFR for 2 days (11 & 12 July- can change by a day) and would appreciate any suggestions for where I could ride. If anyone is free any of those two days and wants to go for a ride with me, that would be appreciated as well.

    I'm from Perth, work as an accountant (but don't let that put you off) and love to ride around the outskirts of Perth on country roads. But unfortunately, apart from a handful of roads, most of them are too straight and boring!!

  2. A must do is Great Ocean Road. Yet to do it myself on bike.
  3. I might be free, drop me a PM when you're coming down.
  4. Unfortunately I work weekdays so wont be able to come out riding- and although have yet to ride the Great Ocean Road myself - I've been along on the back of a bike and it was a beautiful ride...
  5. Thanks Loz, will do!
  6. oh man thats like winter!
    hopefully you get some great weather. If not rug up. I havnt been out to the spurs lately but always a great place to ride.
    Maybe head up to MT Dandenong and check out the views from the lookout. (also a close ride from the city)
    The GOR is great but if the weather is crap then its not that enjoyable.

    Have fun when ur down this way
  7. The GOR would have to be the most over rated piece of road in Victoria. It has bad surfacing in many parts, you're always getting stuck behind idiot tourists who don't pay any attention to the 'slow drivers pull over' signs and doing other dangerous shit like jumping on the brakes suddenly to check out something. In winter it's quite dangerous because the road is often wet from ocean spray.
    It gets better from Apollo Bay on but still isn't that fantastic IMHO. The Lavers Hill to Colac road is MUCH better. The Reefton and Black Spurs even better again.
    If you have the time, the ride from Omeo to Mt Hotham then through to Bright is amazing as well.

    Grab yourself a copy of the Australian Motorcycling Atlas. It will give you exactly the info you need.
  8. You do the GOR for the scenic views rather than the road surface. It is worth the trip if you're into that, although make sure you only go on a week non school holiday day.

    For pushing hard, black and reefton spurs out east are good, as is the Omeo highway. The omeo highway is not really a day trip though. Go over hotham and stay in bright then ride back.
  9. or Healesville through Noojee to Warragul and on to Korumburra. Mid week it's a very nice ride. Good scenery and pretty good roads.

    There's no lack of places to ride...
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  11. has anyone actually warned you about loz yet?? :LOL: :p :wink:
  12. Black Betty,
    Thanks, will take you up on that and join you on that Tuesday.

    Nope, no warnings yet. But I see he learnt to ride the same way I did, in thailand!
  13. aaaahhh.... maybe that accounts for the inability to keep the front wheel on the ground :LOL: :LOL:
  14. I did the GOR with a mate of mine a couple months back. It has great views but that's about it. Road surface isn't great and it's crawling with cops! They hide in certain sections amongst trees with VIDEO cameras as my mate and I found out :evil:
  15. Personally I reckon you can still have a heap of fun on the GOR if you ride to its limitations. It's a spectacular part of the world. But the whole area's brimming with awesome otways forest roads too, up and back to Colac from a dozen points.

    The Alpine Road is a cracker too - although midwinter's hardly the time for it, hotham will be snowed right over!

    I reckon the Otway area or the Yarra Valley through to north and south Gippsland, the Grand Ridge roaad and the peninsulas will give you everything you need - great scenery, brilliant roads, a bit of dirt if you want it... Depends on what sort of riding you like - sweepers, twisties, mile munching or gravel...
  16. Thanks again guys,

    I reckon I will do a slow cruise through GOR initially and then go inland on some of the roads you've mentioned. Will do that coffee run on tuesday night and then go out for a blast the next day <praying to weather gods now>.

    I'll post closer to the day to see who's free :grin:

    Thanks for all your ideas everyone.
  17. Well, I'm back from two days of riding.

    A big whole hearted thanks goes out to Loz for showing me about the place. We experienced some nasty weather, got pretty wet from the rain, hail, sleet and snow and had a few "moments" but I'm grinning from ear to ear atm :)

    Thanks again Loz!