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Coming out of lurking to share

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by sbb, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    Had a new miss worth sharing.

    Filtered to front of traffic at lights (3 lanes), sitting at front between lanes 2 and 3. Lane 1 is left turn only, except for busses. Is only 2 lanes on other side of lights.

    Lights go green, i take off faster than the cars, and go into lane 2 (lane 1 on other side of lights).

    Turns out a car used the left only lane to go straight ahead and appeared at speed on my left. Ended up inches from my rear wheel and then proceeded to tailgate me. I looked at driver, he was yelling etc.

    With car to my right was no way to escape there. Was clear he was a nutter and any speeding away would only see him back inches behind me later, then would be higher speed, him more agro and more dangerous. Only way to escape using speed would have put me in more danger

    so stayed calm, steady safe speed.

    As soon as gap opened he overtook on the right, yelling and waving, partially in my lane.

    Here is the lesson to pass on to those that feel the need to take on cars.

    So I backed right off to stay clear.

    I see lots of posts here where people think they need to keep fighting nutters like this. Or simply stay near them thinking the drama is over.

    After overtaking he pulled back across to lane my lane. Then slammed on his brakes, locking all 4 wheels and making massive cloud of smoke stopping dead.

    If I had taken the attitude of being in the right and not backing off, I would be in hospital right now. Ride to stay alive, not to be 'right'.

    As it was I just rolled steadily to near stop safely, with no risk of traffic hitting me from behind eaither.

    ps: he continued to drive dangerously, tailgating cars, inches away from them, cutting across lanes and running red lights. Thing is it was no faster for him as i was still only a couple of cars behind him for about 3kms. He was just an angry man.

    Pps: rego: NSW BZ92BP - green oldish hatchback.

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  2. Yes always put distance between you and nutters either by backing off or disappearing over the horizon. You won't win an argument with a 2 tonne weapon in the hands of a moron. Personally I believe separating yourself in traffic and backing off is best. If you just get a few hundred meters in front they may pursue and be with you at the next set of lights. Drop back behind them and they can't see you so their mind moves on the the next shiny annoying thing.

    PS: Post more. :)
  3. Well done @sbb@sbb . A lot of safe riding seems to be about culling undesirable automatic behaviours, and nurturing useful ones.

    I've read about the danger of survival reactions in relation to technical riding. Perhaps we also need to think about culling ego reactions in pursuit of good roadcraft.
  4. Good job @sbb@sbb smart choices keep us alive and well over "brave" choices a lot of the time.
    @Cris@Cris did you read the SR stuff in 2 Wheels mag? or in A Twist of the Wrist?
  5. Various articles found the web, usually referring to Keith Code's stuff. Also comes up repeatedly in David Hough's Proficient Motorcycling, which I'm currently reading.
  6. Ah ok. I read a recent 2 Wheels that had a lot of that stuff in it. Thinking I should find a copy of the book/s.