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Coming off your bike blows. first decent off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zero_cool, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Yep!

    /Long Winded story.. if you can't be bothered to read, just scroll down to see the damage.

    so it was a nice warm Sunday afternoon,

    I says to mable I says "I need to run down the dikkysmiths to get some heatshrink and while i'm at it i'll hire out a DVD from videoslezy"

    so I hop on the bike and start heading down to the shops where this fine overpriced establishment is located.
    I pick up and pay for the parts required.

    Then me heads for the video shop,

    I selectively choose my DVD movies for an evening of entertainment.

    at this point the weather turns ghastly and starts raining cucumbers.

    on the way home...
    on a 2 laned road,
    I was in the left lane,
    a TAXI was in the right..

    so gutters to the left of me, taxi's to the right
    here he comes.. OH SH!T!
    the driver decides that he wants to be in my lane,
    I was lined up with his back door
    I hit the brakes to wash off as much speed as I can, mind you it was only 50kms~
    but in the wet you can't wash it off that fast,
    the driver must have been in a real hurry because between the time it took me to hit the brakes, blast the gay sounding horn that doesn't do jack and try to avoid the situation,
    It wasn't quick enough..
    he wanted to get into that lane damm fast.
    it wasn't a slow merge,
    it was a "zip lane change"

    Yes i'm aware I am on my L's
    Don't blame it that,
    i've been riding for 7-8 months straight so far which is a fair decent amount of time get enough experience on the road with having to deal with twats who cut me off, and how to deal with situations like this
    this was one where it wasn't able to be gotten out of
    I was on the right hand side of the left lane, so in perfect view of his rear vision mirror and side view mirror

    The Joys of having nothing around you to protect you.

    he clipped the front end of the bike
    Bike went into the gutter, I lay sprawled out in the middle of the lane
    thinking "WTF"
    gave myself a quick check before i got up
    can i move my arms? Yep
    legs? yep
    Neck? Yep
    Back? Yep
    now to try and get up
    walked over to the taxi, the door opens

    "i'm sorry I didn't see you!"


    he kept asking if i was okay and kept touching my shoulder which weirded me out

    Had a guy come up, took a photo of my bike in the gutter and said to myself and the driver of the car that he saw the entire thing and that the driver was at fault and turned into my lane and hit me

    so i thought phew! i'm covered

    we get the bike up off out of the gutter and move it off the road,
    looks fairly messed up and sad

    I called the police and they said it was a P-5 class accident as no ambos and no towing was required
    I told them i still wanted a car to come out
    so a HWP car rocks up
    says that this is a waste of his time as nobody was hurt
    but the good thing was though,
    He said he was a biker aswell and ripped into the driver

    taxi man said to him "I didn't see him"

    cop - "as an officer and a rider myself I can tell you right now that we are sick of hearing that excuse.. why do you think they are hammering the TV and roadside ads to make other drivers aware to check their blind spots!"
    "because things like this happen"

    Taxi - I'm sorry.. are you still alright, walks away to his car.

    Cop checks over the bike
    says that it will come back okay as it looks fairly straight and that the bike will come out looking mint when it comes back from the smashies.

    so I need,

    New fairings / 2nd hand with no issues
    New headlight fairing
    new centre cowling between the fairings as it has snapped
    new windscreen
    new side mirror,
    new brake handle
    new bar ends
    repair the front wheel fairing
    new muffler on the right hand side as it is scratched to crapola
    new brake pedal as mine is bent all the way in
    depending on how pedantic i want to be, but new front forks as the bottoms of them had been ground down
    the frame checked out to make sure its straight (any tips on how to check this?)
    then to paint and colour match it with the rest of the bike
    plus anything else that needs to be done

    AND! a new Helmet.
    any idea if they will just replace the one i had with the same brand or would they give an allowance for it?

    on the way back I discovered a funky noise in the back end.. i found out that the rear brake calliper was missing one of the bolts!
    it was fine when I rode there,
    the bolt must have come out or been dislodged when i came down and vibrated out :S

    and thats my story..
    I'll be taking it to a smash repairs place tommorow and see what the bill will be
    Lucky I am not paying for any of it.

    as a rough guess i would say about 1.5k minimum

    I should mention here that the taxi was passing me and merged in.


    http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y187/noomz/Bike Crash/
  2. that suxes mate,sounds like you got off pretty well then, hope you not to sore tomorrow, btw only 3 pics per post, so either edit and just provide liknks or create a few more posts :wink:
  3. First of all I'm glad you're alright and that the bloke will be covering costs, being out a mode of transport is never the greatest thing but at least you're not out a repair bill to.

    I hope you reconsider dismissing the whole thing as unavoidable, though. In heavy rain, especially depending on the colour of your gear, you are going to be even less visible. It sounds like you may also have been sitting in his blind spot? Either way positioning yourself so that if a car changes lanes quickly/without indicating you won't get hit is invaluable.

    Again, I'm glad you're okay, but don't write it off as all the other guys fault. You have to look out for yourself.
  4. The cop didn't issue a fine to the taxi driver for dangerous driving?
  5. Nope, you were in his blindspot unfortunately, thats exactly where it is, he didnt do a proper headcheck before belting you.

    you could have been passing him, at that point in time, it is unavoidable, but generally I try not to ride in someones blindspot if possible.
  6. You'd hope so.
  7. + 1

    If you were lined up with his rear door you were probably in his blind spot. Glad to hear you're okay though, that could've turned out alot nastier, barriers and other cars don't make for very crash friendly accidents.
  8. I Understand that I need to look out for myself aswell
    but there is only so much that can be done if a car is flying across into your lane,

    Where i was sitting in the lane, I wouldn't have been in his blind spot
    if he looked in his mirror I would have been spotted,

    it had stopped raining when it happened,

    I setup, hit the brakes and backed off,
    I was hit as i was braking

    Positioning myself in a lane where I have a gutter to my left and a taxi to my right, I would have been in full view of the driver
    Jump up onto the footpath?

    I know not to totally blame the driver, but I will put 99% of it onto him.
  9. Nothing issued to the driver
    as both people walked away and nothing required towing, there was no reason for him to be there?
  10. Glad to hear you're ok..
    IMO the driver should've got fined for reckless driving or similar. :twisted:
  11. I think mewnz meant that taxi just in front of you to the right so that if the taxi does swerve into your lane, you're not going to be there. Lined up to his back door means that you're too far ahead in your position. You probably want to be just behind to the left of his back bonnet. Had you been there and he swerved, he's missed you and you'd at least have the chance to brake to give yourself more distance. If you make assumptions, assume that they won't and can't see you.
  12. Driver can only be charged with negligent driving if one or both of the vehicles required towing or one or more of the people involved is injured..
  13. Now that's a bummer. Glad you are ok. Hope it's not too long before your ride's back on the road.

    It must be a Taxi driver thing, 'cause i've had as many run in's with them in my car as I have on a bike, more than any other catagory of motorists I might add :roll: . Being a d!ckhead must be a pre-requisit for employment.
  14. That sucks Paul!
  15. hmm.. with this claim, as I would be needing a new helmet aswell
    what happens there,
    are helmets covered and I get a new one upto the same value or I don't ooorrr?
  16. Could be talking out of my arse but i'm pretty sure that unless you have insured your gear, you have to replace it yourself.
  17. First things first - glad you are OK zero_cool. Could have been a lot worse by the sounds of things...

    Not4Resale - I think you might be right. Not all insurance policies cover the riders gear and extra needs to be covered on the policy.

    Best thing to do would be to ask the question, mate.
  18. You could try claiming under house/content insurance if you don't have gear included with your bike insurance. (Correct me if I'm wrong).
  19. On the topic of gear insurance, what if you ARE covered by YOUR insurance for the gear, but because the taxi's at fault then HIS insurance is covering the accident...
    So in this case, is the gear covered, or do u have to make your own claim?
  20. what movie did you get?