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Coming off Learners...which bike? want something torqey and cruisy!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Booki, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Gday guys, I have been doing some thinking about which bike i should purchase next for those sweet summer days and commutes to work when the weather is good.

    I was thinking something like a Triumph Street Triple.
    I have heard they are really torqey, easy to ride and you don't have to be ringing its neck to have fun!

    I just want something that is sweet to cruise on, but has some berrys when i wind the throttle.
    Do any other bike manufactures make bikes similar to the street triple? Yammys, Kawa's, suzuki's? :-s

    So not really much else to say....other then
    I want a bike that i can be lazy on and not have to be in the high rpm all the time.

    Naked or fairing, doesn't bother.

  2. By "Coming off learners" I assume you are still on P plates? If that is so what type of Provisional license will you be issued?

    Even if you have a full car license you will still have 12 months of riding on a LAMS approved bike.
  3. ktm superduke.


  4. Aye thanks chris,
    Well i just read that and...I think this one applies to me?

    "If you already have a probationary car driver licence , you will be issued with a probationary motorcycle licence (motorcycle licence category added to your card). The motorcycle probationary period will end at the same time as your car probationary period."

    I am due to get off my p's in december for the car, i got my p's for the bike sometime in June July, so does this mean i am fully licenced once im off my p plates for the car? :D

    Doesn't matter anyway, just doing some hunting, plus ive gotten dad looking at bikes too...so we may share one till i can legally ride it.
  5. definetely the street triple - you can have heaps of fun without having to rev the crap out of it.
  6. Mmm thats what i thought...but is there any competetion with the street triple?

    Seems its one of those unique bikes....
    Can't believe yamaha, honda, kawa or suzuki don't have a similar bike on offer :-s
  7. kawasaki z750 is one that springs to mind. Yamaha XJ6 or even the XJ8. Those are all alternatives but they do not have the same torque that the triple has.
  8. yeh, I was thinking z750 as well, or the thou.
  9. Ok Ben, I think that means that you will not have to display P plates after your Car Probationary period expires but you will still have 12 months after the P expiry of restrictions but it is a curly one you may need to ask them. :) or plead ignorance ;)

    Good to see you are still around by the way, although your new Nic through me for a while.
  10. Kawasaki ER-6N has an upright seat posi. Good low down torque too. Easy to ride.!
  11. Ducati 696 FTW!!!
  12. Aprilia Shiver/Dorsoduro should also be one your list of bikes to try. Similar to the Triumph, torquey engine, easy to ride etc. You just gotta try all the options and see which one you like the feel/look of best.
  13. The Dorsoduro looks fantastic. Would love to get a ride of one. Alas LAMS and all that.

    Probably for the best :p
  14. V-twins or L-twins , like ducatis, produce more low down torque.
    sv 6fiddy would be one example, though the inline twin in the er6 is often considered comparable when ridden.
    i think those hyoturds are v-twins too.
    in-line fours tend to produce more torque at higher revs.
    i think the tripple is just a happy medium, which makes it a very flexible machine.
  15. maybe you could be ultra badass and get a 1000cc bike, rip the fairings off, swap the clip ons with real handlebars and lose a tooth on the front and gain 6 or more on the rear.

  16. I like the way this guy thinks....
  17. and singles, i forgot about big singles, all torque instantly.
    super retards would be appealing.
  18. Want torque? Get a Bandit.
  19. lol...got a bandit 250.....whats torque? lol!

    Im sure the bigger bandits are much better, but id rarther something that is easier to get parts for...looking to get shims for my 250 bandit as i adjusted the exhaust tappets but couldn't find anyone who sells the shims for the intake valves.

    Don't wanna have that problem again.

    A super retard could be good because then i could attempt to ride like one.....hello skate park?
    though i already own a dirtbike so it kinda seems like a waste :-s
  20. haha yep.. max torque is avail about 2,500 rpm.
    but that's only because it's a big fat heavy pig of an engine, that they've somehow managed to squash into the frame sideways.