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Coming from Canada

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BoostJunky, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hey guys and ladies,

    Ive been luring the board for a few days and just figured Id post up an intro and ask a few general questions.

    Anyways, Im from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and it looks like Ill be coming to Melbourne in July for at least 5-6 months (more if I like it and can find work in my field) to study at La Trobe for a semester. I'm planning on buying a bike when I get there (ideally a naked 600).

    Im planning on bringing gear with me since it all seems cheaper here. I have a leather Blaster 2.0 jacket Id plan on wearing for cooler weather and Im in the market for a lighter summer jacket with as much protection as possible. Is there any popular/ideal warm weather jackets and pants?

    Im assuming that driving style and traffic will be fairly similar to here (but on the other side of the road of course, thatll screw me up for a bit!) so it shouldnt take too long to adjust.

    Any general tips are appreciated (anyone know of any good apartments in or around Bundoora???? :) )
  2. In Melbourne I believe you are restricted to a Motorcycle less then or equal to 250cc when you are a Learner or just got your licence.
  3. But (s)he has a bike license in Canada, so would either be riding on that or picking up a full license here, I imagine.

    Heya Boost - I'm an Aussie originally but spent 5 years in Canada and just got back last year. Canada is lovely, but you're gonna love the year-round riding in Australia. Do be careful with the sides-of-the-road thing: on a bike you don't have that cue of the steering-wheel being on the 'wrong' side that you have in a car.

    I use a mesh jacket for Brisbane summers, but you may not need that in Melbourne, and a decent light leather jacket with vents (which you should be able to pick up cheaper at home) would get the job done.

    Have a great time in Oz.
  4. Hello.

    Don't know about you being able to use your helmet here. No Aus Standar sticker is a no go here. Big fine if your helmet doesn't have one.

  5. i thought you could ride/drive on an international license for up to 1... or was it 3 months??? before you have to apply for a 'pass' or w/ever they call it .....

    i'm probably wrong though, hehe :)
  6. Also, they probably won't let you carry your helmet as carry-on luggage, and you probably don't want to pack it in under the plane for the baggage handlers to kick around...

    Wise move would be to bring everything except helmet and pick up a cheapie here. You can get decent 'cheap' helmets here for around A$150 ($137.866 Candian...)
  7. Thanks for the tips.

    Yes, I can drive with my Canadian licence as Ill be on a temp visa but odds are Ill have to get an Aussie licence for insurance purposes anyways.

    As for the helmet, good chance Ill pick one up there since its a little bulky to pack, but that is to be seen. My understanding is that since my helmet is snell approved there should be no issue. I know there was a discussion somewhere on here about it.

    Im pretty sure Ill pick up a mesh jobbie for the hotter days when my leather is too much.

    I got an insurance quote on a 2002 monster 620/SV650 and they were almost the same price. $400 excess, comp coverage @ 2000/yr.
    I am 21 with 5 yr clear driving history. Does this seem reasonable?

    Ive been warned that lane splitting is common. Over here that doesnt go over, big fines. In many cases I dont consider it even safe, but I suppose some situations are better than others.
  8. just bring your helmet and wear it mate, the police don't give a s**t about stickers! the odds of getting pulled over in the first place are low, for a cop to check the sticker you would have to hit the bad luck lottery.

    la trobe will have an online student accommodation placement program where you can find affordable share accommodation, speak to them about granting you access to the system before you arrive so you can get organised.
  9. You will be fine dude. I rode across Canada in 2001. Bought a bike in Ontario and rode across to B.C. Few times I automatically pulled straight out onto wrong side of the road. You tend to realise pretty quickly you have gone the wrong way :shock: when theres all these cars coming straight at you :eek:hno: flashing there lights :furious: hurlin abuse as they go by. OOOOOh, :facepalm: you mean "WRONG WAY" sign means the same in the northern hemisphere officer.
    Almost copped a beauty in Whistler,straight into a oncoming bus, few ozzy dudes walking along just cacked themselves :rofl: and said"cmon ozzy"as I turned around,realising obviously I was from there part of the globe from my DRI RIDER Jacket-which is waht you want to buy.
  10. Sorry but bad advice mr fox, on the chance that boostjunky is involved in a prang where he is injured and his helmet dosent comply it
    1: gives his insureance company grounds for being pricks and
    2: IF a TAC payout is involved (particularly for a head/neck/back type injury) the payout may be reduced.
  11. as in $2000 a year!? NO!! That doesn't sound reasonable.

    Not sure who you got the quote through, but western qbe and arista have been the cheapest for me by far.



    Not sure if they take international riding history into account with the rating though- but you should be able to get on at least a rating 4 I'd say.
  12. The regulations only say that an approved helmet must be worn, it doesn't specify that the approved standard must be AS.

    This issue has come up before and helmets that meet Snell 2005 and other widely accepted international helmets can be legally worn in Australia.

    Having said that I wouldn't put it past some insurance companies to 'try it on'.

    *edit* This also doesn't mean that helmets that are _sold_ in Australia don't need to comply with the relevant AS standard, I was talking about the use of helmets brought from overseas which meet that countries standard and are being used by a rider with an international licence (and/or permit).
  13. Canadian insurance rates are evil by Australian standards and I'd think you should be able to do a fair bit better than that.
  14. Wow! Wooohooo. You are right though, I considered 2g/yr to be a deal!
  15. I know it's from NSW, but for us, it does need an AS sticker.

    I'm sure if you look it up at Vicroads, it'll tell you the same thing...

    EDIT: Done your job for you, page 9:

  16. the legislation snip> By law ...blah.. rider...blah pillion...... (here we are) must wear a helmet aproved by Australian standards.

    Which is currently AS/NZS 1698:2006 the accepted Snell and other overseas standards still must fall under AS/NZS 1698:2006 equivalent testing.
  17. good choice buddy. last week's Australian Motor Cycle News (AMCN) tells me that after about 7 years break (I think 2000 was the last year), Honda are going to start re-distributing their Hornet 600 in oz in October. so if you can wait a coupla months, you could get a brand spankin' new 2007 hornet and make all the other hornet owners here jealous as hell :grin:

    happy travels buddy. plentya people here keen to show you 'round our gorgeous country.
  18. Almost makes me wish I lived in Melbourne. :shock:

    Nah, just kidding :LOL:
  19. hey

    you should be fine with an international liscence as long as you have a temporary visa. i have an indian liscence and a student visa and have been riding for the past 8 months.

    you can get insurance on an overseas liscence. i was quoted 5600$ dollars abt 8 months ago for comprehensive insurance for me gsxr 600
    but then again i was 19.

    ended up getting third party racv for 215$.

    try swann insurance.
    apparently they are good.