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Coming from a scooter to bike - big difference!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GunSlingerAU, May 3, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    It's been a couple of weeks since I migrated from my Vespa LX125 to the VN250, and thought I'd post some feedback about the differences.

    Gears are tricky!
    Besides my stay upright course, I hadn't ridden a manual bike. 2 years on an automatic Vespa made the transition to manual gears very tricky! Riding the VN250 home, I managed to stall it about 20 times. Pulling over on a quiet side street soon sorted that out though, and two weeks in I only stall it about once per day ;). And there's nothing like that feeling when all four limbs come together to change gears and use both brakes at the same time. I'm a co-ordination machine!

    Hillstarting is even harder!
    I didn't think I'd ever be able to master hill starts with the manual gears. Thankfully about 2 hours dedicated to practicing it (in my underground carpark, away from the embarassing laughter of other human beings) saw me master this artform.

    With great power comes great responsibility
    Ok, so the VN250 doesn't really have that much power, but compared to a Vespa it's light years ahead. It's very tempting to wring the most out of it, but I don't ride for speed, I ride for enjoyment. The added power is great in freeway situations though, allowing me to confidently keep up with and overtake other vehicles.

    You get used to the weight between your legs
    Again, I know the VN250 isn't the biggest bike on the block, but at 180kg wet, it's 70kg heavier than the Vespa. At first I was scared my tiny little legs couldn't keep such a beast upright, but within a few days of riding I didn't even notice the weight.

    Let's face it... bikes are just cooler
    While the Vespa was fun in a latte sipping, cafe hopping kind of way, the bike is just... awesome. I love the sound of the engine, I love the way it looks, I love the added grunt, and getting my first nod from another biker was plain and simply cool. Where the Vespa was great for short bursts, the bike now has me planning entire days of riding.

    So there ya go - while I don't regret spending my first two years on 2 wheels on a Scooter (in fact, I think it'll help my riding skills, allowing me to get used to the road skills without having to worry about gear changes, etc) I know that I probably won't go back to one now that I've fallen for motorbikes.

  2. Another scooter rider converted. :grin:

    Good to hear you're practicing to get used to the bike and advance your skills. It will give you confidence and make you a better rider. The coordination of operating all the controls will become second nature soon enough. keep your eye out for rides on the forums and get out there and enjoy yourself.

    If I see a rider on a VN250 stalled on an uphill slope, struggling to find a gear and rolling backwards with a big grin on their face, I'll know it's you and remember to give you a nod.
    Good luck with your new ride.
  3. I went the other way bike to scooter...

    When I went back overseas I had to ride my gf's scooter. It was strange. It was just so light and feels so unstable. Also with the twist and go thing I didnt like it. Sure it was easy to use but I felt I lost touch with the engine....

    Maybe I'm just not used to it.....
  4. i went from scooter to bike

    aslong as u can drive a manual car its not really all that different.

    best of luck - you will soon be a pro at all the gears etc and start convincing everyone else to get bikes :)