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Comfy Earplugs{earphones for mp3}

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by bigwheels, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. I am after some comfy earplugs to run from my mp3. As we know most earplugs are literally a pain after some time under your helmet. I looked at the earmold product but can`t justify the price. ($200). Anybody got any suggestions for an alternative.

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  4. Re: Comfy Earplugs

    The problem is that there is nothing available that are as comfy as the earmolds...trust me I looked everywhere!. I tried the Sony in ear buds which fell apart within 6 months and now have a pair of Shure canalphones which sound bloody fantastic but unless I wear a balaclava under my helmet they pull out when putting it on...then of course the balaclava pushes them into your ears so the become uncomfortable on long rides.

    I got a pair of the Earmolds and they are VERY comfortable...BUT the sound quality is not why you buy them...the bass response is very good but because the actual drivers are mounted at the end of hollow tubes and the sounds are then piped in to your ears the high frequencies above say 14k drop off like a rock...so they don't have the nice crisp sound that my Shures do...working with audio every day I can be picky but this would be my only biatch with them.
  5. Moudld them around the earplugs while they are in the ear,just making sure the "plastic" outer that goes to "snugly:" *cough* fit in the ear is removed so just the inner ear plug is in... You'll need 2 people to do this but it can be done (that's most likely why I'm buying the second or third lot(s)

    Just gotta get my butt into gear when I get back from my errands for today to order them... :)
  6. Re: Comfy Earplugs

    You could always learn to sing :LOL:
  7. What are you using for the sound component? The trouble is I've never found anything thats comfortable to wear in a helmet as it is - and I'm not quite prepared -yet- to pay through the nose for the earmold kind. Moulding something around a pair of earbuds won't achieve anything for me as it is simply adding additional bulk to something that already makes me feel like I've been nailed through the ears after 5 minutes anyway, so it wouldn't achieve anything (nor for the OP if he is also finding the regular sort uncomfy.)

    Did you have an idea for something to fit into the moulded ones so that they end up like the earmold brand?

    The alternative I know about to earbuds and their like for music is flat speakers that velcro in to the inside of the helmet (like the bluetooth job that comes with the TomTom Rider) - the drawback is that they do nothing to decrease wind/engine noise, although I guess you could combine those with these moulded earplugs and possibly achieve an ok result. Not going to do much in the way of audio quality though
  8. Re: Comfy Earplugs

    What about the Farr canal earphones?
  9. Re: Comfy Earplugs

    He lost them while on his last pork hunt.
  10. I have heard Bose make some good gear so I might check that out.

    I have tried singing but that would justify the use of those foam earplugs. Seriously bad noise , even to my own ears.
  11. If you think $200 is dear for Earmolds you'll die in the arse when you price up Bose stuff :shock:
  12. These are what i have and reckon they are awesome. I had the same trouble as you. Picked up a set from JB for around $80 if i remember.
    The brand is sennheiser.

  13. Creative EP630.. The "smartmans" alternative to sennheisers CX300. From the past hmm years (maybe 6 months?? I think closer to 12 tho) that these are either the exact same unit, just branded different or at least made in same factory and ALMOST the same. The creative ones are $20 or $30ish, anywhere from 5-10 times cheaper than the sennheiser ones I think that are from most acconts, the same earplug... I did have some sony $120 earplugs I bought around 2-4 months before and these do beat the living crap out of them (to me) for sound quality. I've tested on 2 different sound players and various songs SEVERAL TIMES just to make sure I wasn't "blinded" by the "new purchase" bug thing. You know, the thing you just bought, is the WORLDS BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter even if a Dick Smith $5 unit sounds better *cough* hehe.

    Damn I love these earplugs, more so for the price :D So when I finally convince my gf to help me make the ear plug moulds, we JUST got home not long ago, bit stuffed to do it now, hopefully tomorrow. heh.... But I will purchase at least one set and let friends know now about buying the ear mould stuff we just bought not too long ago to online friends.



    http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/642178.html is one such page about the EP630s froma QUICK google
  14. Have you tried the creative EP630s? The so called "same ear plug" rebranded? Price is about $20-$30.. Fair bit cheaper and I've read countless reviews/comparisons in the past 6-12 months that state they are either similar or same. I'd like a "REAL LIFE" person's view :)
  15. I second that, great ear plugs, good sound and very comfy. Not as good as the bose but about 30 bucks cheaper.

    I have the sennheisers - didin't know they were the same as the creatives until 2 days later, couldn've saved a few bucks.
  16. Thanks for the info. I got a pair of the Creative plugs from Dick Smiths. Much better than before . Probably not as good as the earmold ones but for 20 bucks they do a terrific job. Like all plugs they can take a bit of fiddling to get just right but they don`t hurt my ears like the normal plugs do after half an hour or so .

  17. Yeah, I picked a pair up from ePay (for about $16) and found they were as good as a 'high price' brand my wife had. Okay in the ears for about two hours, but I think your ears need to breathe beyond this......
  18. Have you guys considered apart from the ear plugs, different helmets?

    On my trips from Melbourne to Sydney and back I use standard type plug earphones with my HJC helmet. Compared to the other helmets, they have generous room for ears. Most of my helmets have the lining right up against my ears however the HJC, cl14 in this case, has space to spare.

    It'll also make a good spare helmet :grin:
    Well that's my 2c.
  19. I swear by my Shure E2s, but Bamm-Bamm doesn't agree with me.


    Search and you'll find any and varied responses.
  20. Bamm-Bamm never agrees with you :p