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Comfortable seat

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by mikado, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Hi y'all ... I have a BMW r1200rt...love it, but the seat sucks ass bad..on anything over about an hour. It is heated though, which offsets it mentally!

    I'm just wondering, does anyone actually have a comfy seat as stock on their bike...in terms of bikes.. I mean anything that can corner and get wear marks to the edges of the tyre I mean..so no hardlys etc.

    I'm really interested to know what peoples ideas are. I was looking at getting a Corbin after market seat but I read that they're not so flash...hmmm..

  2. The Corbins have a very good rep, they're also very heavy. From memory, something like 2kg heavier than the Saddlemen brand I went for. (In dr650 model anyway) Massive improvement over stock

    Had the seat on the little lady's 650GS modded by those guys in QLD who also have a good rep, only their name escapes me. It now sits a little lower, and she says much more comfortable... Much cheaper than a whole new seat!
  3. Use a lambswool seat cover, Especially if you do big Klms,

    Bitchinstitches also do a great job,
  4. airhawk seat cushion?