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Comfortable gear for wearing OFF the bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jack096, May 25, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    So I've recently rode my bike to uni for the first few times and I've started to realise that perhaps my gear isn't too comfortable to wear all day off the bike.

    I've got a pair of draggins, which are magnificent and have dramatically increased how convenient motorcycling is for me, and I'm certainly going to buy a few pairs, as I can get off the bike and go without much hassel. love em.

    My boots and jacket however, are just a bit cumbersome.

    I'm wearing alpinestars SMX-6'S for the boots and a RST ventilator IV jacket.

    I'm findinding the boots a bit stiff and sore atm and the jacket is really restrictive.

    what are your recommendations for gear that is protective for a 30 minute ish ride to uni (involves 40-100kmh zones), that is also quite comfortable if worn all day.

    I'm looking at the dri rider urban hoodie and some smx-1's or fastback riding shoes right now.

  2. Some unis have lockers. If yours does, maybe hire one and keep a pair of shoes and a jacket there?
  3. I have the dri rider hoodie and I ride to uni 5 days a week as I work on campus.

    The jacket is ok as cheap textile jackets go but I don't think it will help much in a spill so I got an air cage to go underneath and I removed the jacket armour.

    To be honest I don't think you will find stuff that is comfortable off the bike and gives you protection but hey willing to be proved wrong.

    I wear touring boots that are reasonably comfy to walk in it keep a pair of Connies in my tank bag for a quick change. The Dragin jeans are really good though although my wife thinks they are too tight on me and doesn't leave much to the imagination......
  4. My advice is hybrid gear is terrible. Riding a motorcycle does bugger all wear on gear. Walking wears it quickly. You will go through thousands of dollars of gear in no time. Rent a locker.
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  5. do you leave your other boots in the tank bag after you change into the converse?
    do you lock the tank bag onto the bike?
  6. I do

    I have a small padlock for the bag and a small chain and padlock to secure it to the bike.

    It ain't pretty but it works for me
  7. Jack096Jack096 - I have the S-MX2's at present and i wear kevlar jeans with a t-shirt to work.
    I have a pair of runners at work and change into those when i get there.. (i also have a full DR set of clothes but lets not get into that yet!)

    As mentioned above, a locker would be great for boots etc and possibly your jacket at a stretch. The locker (depending on size) should at least hold your boots helmet and gloves.

  8. Read you thought you might buy more draggins ... just in case you're interested ... I'm heading down there Saturday to have a look

  9. I wear the short As boots (don't know the model). I've put fleecy inner soles in them and I could wear them all day if I had to. Another vote for the locker though, esp for jacket and helmet. Can keep a normal jacket and shoes in there if it's a locker you can get for the term/year like mine was years ago.
  10. This saturday?! definitely going to that.

    Right now I've got my jacket and helmet locked onto the bike with a nice cable. If I can get another cable to lock a tailpack onto the bike, I could leave my boots in that and wear converse, but I'm probably going to look into those fleece inner soles - are your boots the ones with laces?
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  11. No laces, clips and zip.
  12. I lock my jacket and helmet onto the bike using one of those bicycle locks. And my short riding boots are fine to walk in.
  13. yeah I actually brought a kryptonite cable just for the hell of it and gave that a go the other day. very convenient! i think I'll probably just do this from now on. fits under my seat
  14. I just got oversized pants that I put over my work shorts (although I only ride 4k to work I'm tempted to go with out, especially in summer).

    I'd heard bad things on Kevlar pants breaking down in the sun, any comments on that?
  15. I had a pair that said not to expose the Kevlar to direct sunlight. I just don't hang them on the line inside out.
  16. Oh thanks. There was a different company that used something other than Kevlar that was suggested to me at the bike shop. They were slightly cheaper than the Draggins too I think?