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comfortable 250 commuter

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wrxbox, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. I’m looking at getting a more comfortable bike, I’ve had a hip replacement in the past (I’m 36yo just in case you’re wondering) and also get a sore lower back, I’m finding the sports style uncomfortable. I’m trying to decide between a Kawasaki 250V Eliminator and a Honda VTR250. I travel 50 kms each way to work from Melton to the City, mostly highway but the traffic gets thick as you get into town.
    My main concern with the cruiser was the manoeuvrability in traffic and the ease of lane splitting; do you think this is an issue?
    What would you recommend?
    Thanks and sorry to bore you with another what bike to get topic.

  2. I have a 250 cruiser (see garage) - great for commuting, but then I seldom lane split.

    Comfortable - upright and relaxing... good for the arthritic elbows and wrists.. so any sportish style is out anyway..
  3. be careful of Cruisers if you have a back problem. Because you can't take weight on your legs and your back is very upright and the rear suspension is usually bad, the put a lot of load into your back.
  4. big scooter sounds viable
  5. Someone I did my license with originally had a Virago Cruiser. He had to sell it because he had a history of lower back problems and the riding position made it even worse. He settled on a ZZR250 and said the riding position was much better for his back.
  6. I've been riding my wife's 250 burgman a bit lately and it might be worth checking them out. very comfortable. the cvt gives less acceleration than
    a geared bike but they have plenty of torque and seem quick enough for everyday use.
  7. I agree with previous posters - cruisers are not actually all that good for people with back problems. Which seems counter-intuitive at first, until you remember that slouching in the comfy armchair is not that great for one's spine either... and the additional problem that doesn't crop up with armchairs is that cruisers, by putting your feet forward, make it hard to take weight on your legs when going over the bumps. This could put further strain on your back.

    Of course, with these things you can't generalise, perhaps cruiser is just fine for your particular body. But if you haven't actually tested this, it might be something to keep in mind.
    So, bearing in mind I say this without seeing your x-rays, I would expect that a bike with relaxed but upright riding position would be the best for you. But I suppose you're limited to 250cc? That's a pity, because most of such bikes tend to be larger... so I guess, VTR would be the one that comes closest. Or perhaps Hyosung (the naked one)?

    A scooter is also something you might want to consider. They seem a popular choice for people who are having trouble throwing their leg over a regular bike...
  8. The VTR is pretty much the ultimate commuter in my opinion, and I'll trumpet it to the mountains until I turn blue. It's got it all. Buy one and you'll be very happy with it.
  9. What he said. If I was still in Sydney I would definitely still keep it for commuting. It's going to be very sad to see it go.
  10. If I had the $$ I would keep the VTR250 for commuting and then have the bigger monster/Daytona 675 for the weekend fun.
  11. Well, in a similar vein, I've kept the Spada for commuting, and it does that job brilliantly :) The little twins might not be the pokiest bikes off the line, but there's enough there, and they're so very chuckable.
  12. I have a Yamaha VStar 250 (XVS250) that I'm shortly going to upgrade from, travel the same trip daily (Melton to city), and find it really comfortable.
  13. +1 hyo GT250. large bike with high handle bars and verry comfy riding possy.

    and no i dont own one
  14. Well I did it, I found a great looking Vn250 on the weekend, the deposit is down and I’ll pick it up sometime later in the week.
    After taking this for a ride I was in love, comfort is an understatement, we’ll see how it goes after a months riding. A bit different than the old Cagiva Mito.

    Now I just need to find a nice sissy bar and some side bags. I’ll have to upgrade my apparel as the sports stuff isn’t a good look with this bike.