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Comedy of errors weekend

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firefling, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. What a weekend :D . On Saturday woke up and thought "Dammit, I'm going out for the weekend!!". Got a message from Foxy saying he's got the allclear from his SO and so the 2 of us headed west intending to go to Nhill. After much consultation with maps and toing and froing with backroads trying to find a decent twisties in NW Vic near Daylesford area it proved fruitless. All day Foxy's clutch kept coming loose. :-k

    Eventually made our way towards Halls Gap where 5 kms before we got there Foxy's back right indicator came loose and the exhaust pipe had melted half of it. Tightened it again, still working and off we trundled to HG. Went to the pub thinking it's called the Halls Gap Hotel so there should some rooms. Got rudely informed by some stupid bartender bimbo that hotels are just pubs. (Wonder what she thinks the Hilton is?? :roll: ) Couldn't be bothered arguing so we just rode back to usual place of accoms and got a cabin there. 8)

    Next morning Foxy's discovered that 2 of the bolts attached to Ventura rack had come off, and he was still trying to fiddle with his clutch. Headed south and 3 kms from a town for refuel, Foxy ran out out of puff. :LOL: Eventually made it to town for a desperately needed fuel stop and off to GOR and what a blast :twisted: By this time it was 6pm so headed inlands at Skenes creek and more back roads to try to get to Geelong asap. At outskirts of Geelong, discovered that Foxy's tyre was showing a thin line of canvas and that he also had lost the handlebar end. :facepalm: Nursed his poor bike home hoping the tyre wouldn't have a blowout [-o<

    Poor Foxy, in 1 weekend his bike almost fell apart, while mine was purring along 8) :LOL: :LOL: At least we both had a good laugh over it :LOL: :p :LOL: 350kms on Saturday, and about 700kms on Sunday :twisted:

    Oh and sorry Roderz, we actually did go through with the ride you had planned :roll:
  2. Sounds like an 'interesting' weekend :eek:

    Foxy what's going on with your steed? Has someone been undoing all your bolts........or put a curse on it :LOL:
  3. What on earth was going on with your bike Foxy?? :shock: :shock:

    Ah well! Sounds like you guys had some fun and some good riding :) :D
  4. Glad to hear you both had a good time and are able to laugh at stuff like that.

    One of my friends had a ride day like that... Riding along and next minute the left hand side fairing flys off... He didin't notice it at first but when he did he was so flustered that he dropped the bike while doing a u turn... We stuck the fairing back on with duct tape.. Only to have it fly off again.. So we stashed it in some bushes to come back to it later.... Only to be riding down the road to have the righ hand fairing come off.. Slpit into 2... Again he dropped the bike on a u turn he was so angry..

    Arh the laughs :LOL:

    Lisa :twisted:
  5. Yes the bike gods were angry that day my friend lol. Well at least it was funny. BTW the rear tyre (pirelli diablo) was as new when I left and is now showing canvas after the 1000k's, the front Metzeler is in as godd a nick as when I left after 18,000k's figure that out. Thank god I still have half an SV sitting in a box in the spare room, all of the parts that fell off I can replace :LOL: :p :LOL: time to get the lock tight out
  6. Pilot Roads - 1, Diablos - 0 :p :p :LOL: :LOL:
  7. is this something you could go back to the supplier and complain about ???
  8. Sounds about a typical riding w/end with a shituki :LOL: 8)
    Definantly a story for the campfires and grandkiddies ;)
  9. Probably something to do with all those rollin burnouts.

  10. I wish, though I was tempted to blow it when I got home but I dont think the neighbors would of appreciated the show
  11. my question was actually a serious one. Given it's only 1000k's old, is it something you can refer to the supplier or even to Pirelli ?

    I'm sure Pirelli wouldn't like the bad press that could be associated with that happening.
  12. Cant imagine their legal department breaking a sweat on this one. They could simply say 'rider abuse' and stamp the file 'closed'

    Unless there is an obvious fault, accelerated wear is almost impossible to prove.

    (Just in case I get flamed on this - I am not having a go at Foxy, I am simply pointing out the mindset of the meataxes that companies hire to handle warranty claims)
  13. If you read my post I said it was "as new" when I left, its actually done around 4000K's, And Splash is right, rider abuse did contribute, there were some fast blats of speeds up to 200klm which did contribute, but then the original Metzeler had done well over 10,000 in similar conditions. But then the old tyre didn't grip too well in the wet
  14. I am new so I will tread carefully... Foxy did you ask a team of Grade 6'ers to make your bike during recess?

    lol jk :)

    But that's a lot of things to be falling off during a ride lol... you need to get a roll of tape and stick it on the end of your handlebar so you can tape stuff up on the move.. saves you stopping :p Either that or get a support crew to follow you around in a van hehe :)
  15. Nah doonks, Foxy got no leg to stand on. We travelled just over 1000ks on the weekend. Before that, Foxy fitted his diablos just before the Bright weekend trip in early January. It's been 3 months, and probably over 4000kms? Besides, he got the soft tyres, and the back roads we travelled on were very straight, pretty sticky and chewed up tyres if they weren't made of hard-medium compound.
  16. Yeah the problem with twins, they vibrate a lot. The lock nuts on the clutch just came loose, the new can is a high rise and rattled the rear indicator loose, the ventura rack was my fault, forgot to tighten the nutts, the bar end I think the rubber stopper was stuffed cause I only just tighten it up last week, the tyre was just too soft a compound and well the petrol was my fault :LOL: :p :LOL: just glad none of it flew off and hit Minna
  17. heh awesome, no worries Foxy.

    Next ride you go on give me a yell I'll ride behind you with a net. 8)
  18. Hah! Just an excuse to ride my bike eh? Now you've got "S" envy :twisted:

    Hehe, I think I'll go buy myself a tatts ticket this week 8)
  19. It's all in the "S" Foxy :p ;)
  20. Ahhhh "S" = Stays as in stays together...and all the time I thought it ment Sports :LOL: :p :LOL: