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**come on boyz it still wont start pleeeeeeease help**wr 250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hdtbrock, May 18, 2007.

  1. hi! all this is my first post so let me know if iam doing some thing wrong.
    my problem is it wont start.
    about a month ago i went 4 a ride got home .let it cool down and gave it a wash. then a week later tried to start it and got nothing . all it does is back fire though both carby and pipe.
    the bike shop told me that it would need a shim. so i took off the head and took it in . he said one valve was a bit tight but should not have caused the problem. then i was told it mite be the pilot jet. i have pulled the carby apart and cleaned it . blow out all the jets . and still no go. i have also tried a new plug! have pulled apart all connections and spayed them but with no help.
    so iam stumped if anyone can help please let me know . iam open to all suggestions at this stage!

  2. Maybe some electrics got (badly) wet.

    Check to see whether you have any spark first. If so I would think it's maybe getting flooded.

    Does it have pilot screws on the carb and is it adjusted properly? Float height correct? All fuel lines connected properly? Killswitch working properly?

    If it has spark and fuel, it should start. Try all this while jumping it off a car to save your battery, it can help it turn over quicker also.
  3. sorry should have said in my first post. it does have spark. and should have fuel. iv even tried fuel straight down the guts but still no go! iv also done the timing again tried the yz timing but someone said u cant use the yz timing on the 2003 because of the auto decomp so i put it back to wr timing again.
    yes iv been using a car battery to jump start it.
    would low comp make it backfire . iam getting a lend of a comp tester on Monday just to check! do you know what comp it should be!
    thanks for your reply cammo.
  4. backfire through the carbie's would lead me to believe that the timing is out 180 degrees?
  5. Ok,
    If you have fuel, spark, compression, and correct timing it MUST go.

    You have fuel, and spark because it is backfiring. You have played with the timing, and mentioned a shop told you it had a tight valve, was it the inlet valve that is tight? If so the valve could well be slightly stuck open or not seating correctly, causing compression leaking, and also combustion leaking back out the carb.

    Vic is correct and you have the timing 180 deg out.
  6. iv done the timing about 3 time now. iv done it as described in the manual i downloaded .
    with the exhaust lobes facing forward and the inlet facing back. 12 teeth from the top mark on the inlet. with the i lined up.
    is this right.

  7. he said it was a little tight not anoth to stop it running. yes it was the inlet valve.
  8. Fuel spark and one more thing....air.

    Is your air filter clogged with crap of drenched in water?

    Was enough to stop my RM running.
  9. it not the filter i have taken it all off .
    thanks anway
  10. you are clearly making an error in the timing setup.
    it is either 180 out, or you are misinterpreting the manual.
    get soemone else to read it as you do it.

    one thing to consider though is, if you tried to fire it up with yz?? timing, it may have been out enough to damage your valves/pistons.

    btw, isnt a yz a 2stroke? and a wr a 4stroke?
    im confused, anyway, what sorta bike are we talkign about?
  11. 2003 wr 250 ....i will post some pics of the timing soon.
    yz250f timing the only differance is one tooth wr is 13 teeth and yzf 12.
  12. hear is the timing . hope this helps.
  13. A couple of questions :

    1: Why so many marks ( lqd paper ) on the gears and chain ? I count 6 marks :?

    2: Might just be the way im interpreting the 1st pic from the angle, but is the auto decomp on the inlet ( carby ) side ?
    ** if so here lieth your problem Decomp's are always on the exhaust side**

    [edit] if so it means you got the cams on the wrong sides
  14. had me thinking too....

    also, i'd be checking the 'i' mark through the viewing hole thingo, and see where the piston is at. so at the mark 'i' your piston should be right up the top. check this with a probe, or something that wont bust when you stick it down the sparkplug hole :)
  15. the lqd paper is just to high light the notchs in the cam gears for the pic dont take any notice of the one on the chain.
    with the decom. do u mean the lug on the cam! if so it is facing to the rear (carby).
  16. just checked it is on tdc.
  17. can u post video on netrider as i could film what it doing.????
  18. Nope, but you can post it oin youtube or similar and then link from here
  19. ...so is it too early to say that bob saves the day? :grin:
  20. you wernt suggesting i had the cams wrong way round were u bob ???