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come on aussies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stanga169, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. come on and get behind the socceroos ! go aussies!!!!!!!!! i love beer at 4 30 in the morning

  2. I think the aussies could do with something a little stronger than beer.
    Reality set in on who the real contenders are.....
    Maybe next time...
  3. Completely owned. :D

    Ah well, better luck next time
  4. Pathetic, isn't it? They biatch and whine until the governing body rearranges the qualifying draw so that they can get in more easily and then they show the whole world what a bunch of pretenders they really are. Nothing more or less than what they deserve.
  5. Who cares. Come on Germany/England/Italy/Greece/France!

    Or whatever ;)
  6. hmmm, maybe a little harsh rc36....
    but yes, a quality side like Germany do put things into perspective....
    we just got dacked in front of the whole world :)
    oh well, i still love em, i'll be watching and cheering the next game agian....not that there was much cheering in this one, just a few early morning tantys!
  7. badly humiliated
    that was like watching the harlem globe trotters play the melbourne football club.
    the krauts figured out our stupid STUPID game plan in what? first 5-6 minutes and then bang! first goal...10 minutes later bang! second goal.
    and our guys just gave up!
    our coach should be taken out and shot...there is NO defense against the germany IDIOT
    ... whenever those kruats attacked it was downright terrifying...unstopable and perfectly executed
    we should have at least tried to fight back given we were going to lose the game anyway... i think we attacked, what twice?
    and now the only half decent player we have has a red card.
    that was a shamefull performance and we lost face badly... this cup is finished for us and we don't deserve to be there anyway
  8. i just enjoy watching the game. i don't care who it is that's playing, winning, losing, etc. i just love to watch the most beautiful game around and enjoy it.
  9. Yeah but what's driving me nuts is those f&cking horns blasting continuously.
    At times it sounds like some massive bee hive..
    yep put volumn down but sometimes you want to some hear some comments on what's happening.

    Who on earth said they were a good idea??
  10. Australia needs time; soccer's only been played here for a bit over 100 years, and the great years of European immigration are now long gone. Huge numbers of their children play other sports. The challenge is to get enough home-grown players up to speed. The problem is that more people play soccer in Brazil than our entire population.
  11. wow, you guys are being way too harsh. Its germany ffs a world cup soccer super power. I thought Australia played pretty well, better than the scoreline suggests anyway. We were a man down from a tough red card decision for pretty much the second half.

    Im not writing us off yet, ofcourse we are not going to win it or even come close. I think its piss weak aussie spirit to bad mouth us now and say we dont belong when we should be celebrating the fact that we made it, are having a crack and giving it our best in the most competitive popular sport in the world. No matter the results I will still be proud, we can only grow from here so one day we might just be up there with the big guns.
  12. I think its piss weak aussie spirit to bad mouth us now and say we dont belong

    many have been saying that all along ........
  13. True but you would think they would pipe down a bit considering how far we have come.

    +1 we cant be expected to become a dominate team overnight, its small baby steps for us and getting flogged by good teams is part of that.
  14. Realistically, Australia's problem is that it has only 20 odd million people spread over 3000 km. At a professional level, at least two or three other sports come before soccer in terms of viewers support. Trying to push soccer as a national sport is just spreading fans and potential players too thinly over several different games. At most, someone might travel syd-mel for a game, but really no farther. To get the sort of player, fan and money base, needed to really promote soccer, we would need several times the population of this country within the size of NSW or VIC, similar to the european nations.
  15. eloquently summarised, lilley

    plus, of course, because of this problem, if any Australian player looks half-way good, he heads off overseas to earn more money that he ciuld EVER hope to make here, and then if his club doesn't want him to play for his national team, or HE doesen't want to risk his income by playing for his national team, as has repeatedly happened, then nothing's gained anyway.....
  16. Like pim said they were better than us when we had 11 on 11 and once we lost Tim the advantage fully went to the Deutsch.

    I don't think that Australia were really that bad but rather Germany were brilliant. Let's see what happens in the next 2 games. Go the Aussies.
  17. i think our team showed piss weak aussie spirit, or rather no aussie spirit.
    because our own coach put them in there with some sort of damage control strategy, because he has no confidence in his own players.
    and that is NOT the way aussies approach adversary.
    most aussies here won't know this (well except hornet), but back in the war, half a dozen aussies would routinely take on say, 20,000 japs and kick their asses.
    and THAT is where the aussie spirit comes from.
    faced with overwhelming odds we still go in and fight tooth and nail.
    this coach just dose'nt get it.
    president Rudd should fly over there and sack him personally.
  18. pffff i had a double whammy, Serbia gone and Aussies mega gone, not a good night
  19. I dont think our population number is the main problem. I mean India has a quarter of the world of obsessed cricket nutters and we kick their arse all the time. IMO like you said its about developing a domestic competition at a high standard like the others. Aussies love sport and have no trouble following a bunch of codes. In time I think it will grow its no longer 'wogball' or for 'poofs' for the youth of today and may even overtake the others. Sure we will probly never have the market for 30 million dollar players but I think our national competition could one day produce them.