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Come across a downed rider this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Driving to work this morning came upon a rider and bike in distress on a traffic island at around about 9am at the Maidstone and Blyth st roundabout in Altona. The rider was on the ground beside his bike, still helmetted, but sitting up holding his leg.

    The bike was sitting atop the black and white traffic direction arrow sign with two of the signs three stanchions sheered at the bolts.

    The bike was a newish 600 fireblade, on it's right hand side with less damage than I expected - duck tail snapped off, RHS fairing scratches, mirror, lever, indicator...

    I have to say, this was one VERY lucky rider. His safety gear consisted of a t-shirt, tracky dacks, sneakers and a helmet. :roll: :roll: Not sure about the state of his foot, but externally he only ended up with some road rash to the back of his hands and some on his elbows. Go figure. :?:

    The rider was ~20yo and one of those "young gun full of cum" type attitudes who in his own words "overcooked" the roundabout.

    The initial sympathies drained away while it became clear he was ok but clearly stupid.

    I helped move the bike off the road with a couple of bystanders. In the mean time the rider had called his brother and was waiting for his brother to get there and get him outathere apparently before the ambulance [that another bystander had called] arrived on the scene.

    Make of this situation what you will.

    IMO, I can't understand how he ended up where he did - he was heading straight through the round about, somehow lost the rear [his words] and slid straight into the only object on the other side of the round about - the traffic island... this is a roundabout I fang through often on two and four wheels, and this morning there was no obvious slick or loose stuff...

    It's got me beat. The only thing I can put it down to is attitude outstripping skill.

    Hope noobs take note of this incident - it's much better to creep up your learning curve, consolidating what you learn along the way, than to try and take unfounded leaps and bounds.

    Cheers, and stay safe.

  2. Good work for stopping Rob.

    Too much power?
    (Unsure about that on a CBR600RR as they are idiot proof, but I think I have been proven wrong :LOL: )
    Not enough skill?
    (Probably the greatest factor here I think)
    Cold Tires?
    (Can catch out experienced riders)

    I hope the rider mends well.
  3. yeah you get that

    Cheers :cool:
  4. Hope the guy learned his lesson but have this feeling he might use the incident as an excuse to just buy a bigger, faster bike instead - only because I know people who've done that. Think they're under the impression that a faster bike will handle better and therefore be less likely to crash.

  5. Thats a genius idea? Who the hell thinks like that? Any handling pros would be well negated by inexperience and too much power wouldn't it?
  6. Me thinks his wanting to get out of there attitude may be because he didn't have that little piece of plastic in his wallet that lets him ride that particular bike legally :roll:
  7. Exactly, never said it was a good idea - just seems to be the way some people think (as if they expect the bike to somehow do all the work for them).
  8. my immediate thought was "stolen bike" but nice to hear he is pretty much ok.

    Guy from my work crashed last night :shock:
  9. Some will only learn the hard way :roll:
  10. Kish.... No offence but your photo's is a little scary! :LOL:
  11. Yeah, I would have called police with bike details and rider description.
  12. ...have to admit the stolen bike thing never crossed my mind... my prime concern was helping the rider first, bike second...
  13. I had to stop myself from posting a parody thread describing a mates stolen CBR from Altona.
  14. OMG me too :LOL: I debated for awhile but then ran out of time and went back to work :p
  15. from my experience bigger bikes do handle better...... twin discs up front in lieu of the single discs on most 250's gives you much improved braking, better power to weight ratio, more power to bring the bike upright, (or lean it into a corner) and yes that feeling of being just plain ordinarly bloody comfortable on a physically bigger bike, you have a better riding position, it's physically less demanding, you can concentrate on riding your bike not changing gear every 2 minutes to wring a little more out of it, etc, etc, etc.

    but hey.... that's just my opinion.
  16. True, but if you can't ride a 250 without stacking it that's not really a good reason to upgrade to a 600-1000. Still some people just refuse to accept that the problem might lie in their riding ability, not the bike.
  17. sounds to me like he was probably unlicensed as well.. Sadly idiots like him reflect on the good riders...
  18. Come on, he is still a rider; just coz he was squidding doesn't mean hes from the dark side, we've all squidded. Maybe he just didn't want a damend Neg. Driving ticket which woudl've been issued if the police were involved.

    How can we make such judgements as 'inexperience' and 'law breaker' out of no where. Perhaps a momentary lapse of skill? I'm sure he had more than adequate experience as he was riding a 'newish cbr600' which isn't a cheap 250cc learner bike.
    Sh*t happens.
  19. I don't mean to be offensive to anyone :oops:

    Just that my first thoughts are for the poor fella, and the damage to him and his poor bike.
  20. he was squidding?
    *edit* I didnt even notice that bit of the inital post :p