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Combined Licences

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RI81CA, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. A friend and I have bickering about this for weeks now....

    He reckons, with combined licences, the first offence I make in my CAR will mean that I automatically lose my Learner Riders' licence as demerit points are applicable to both licences, irrelevant of the vehicle I was operating at the time.

    This makes no sense to me, and I was wondering if anyone can clarify?
  2. Hmm, I hope not!

    I do know that any offense while on my bike with my learner class (so no points to play with) will mean I lose both my bike and car license. That scares the crap out of me as I need my own transport for work. I don't know why they can't separate out the two in this scenario, ok so I messed up on my bike and got points so lose the bike license, they should be able to just reissue the car license with the bike class removed, seems it is in the too hard bucket for them. :(

    Guess it makes me be extra careful on my bike!

  3. Well by the book. A learners permit is a permit not a licence. Therefore it is actuallu issued seperately. It also has no points that I believe.

    However if you loose your licence, any permits are also lost.
  4. NSW has a license not a permit.
  5. wth!!??

    See, I had no idea about this either! Same scenario for me, no demerit points on my car licence, so have 12 points to play around with, but zero points on my Ls. I had no idea about above. I do my best not to break the law, but sometimes things happen due to circumstances outside our control, and that is what scares me.

    *locks bike/car up in garage, throws key into the ocean, moves to Siberia*
  6. In VIC you get 5 points on your learners. If you lose 5 points on your car, you lose your learners, but can still drive the car. If you lose 5 points on your learners you lose your learners.

    Once you get to your P's you get the same points as the car (12). So if you lose 12 via either method, you lose both licenses
  7. I think I should move.
  8. You can not lose your learners licence by a regular offence committed in your car unless it causes you to lose your car license.

    You technically are going to have difficulty losing your learners licence committing an offence on your bike as there is no demerit point system. Most minor offences can be waved away as part of the learning process as long as it is just a minor offence.
    If your caught doing 20k over I don't think an "officer I'm just learning" will be quite enough to get out of that one
  9. That would make sense.

    Errm, I don't think that is very good or accurate advice. True you don't get any points on a learner license but that does not mean there is no demerit system, it means if you commit any offense that attracts demerit points you instantly lose your license.

    Being a learner is no excuse for breaking the law and I am sure no officer will let you off with that as an excuse. Also would not help with a fixed camera catch anyway.

  10. RTA NSW

    :roll: is it really that hard?
  11. Yes it is, show us where on that site it clearly explains this?
  12. I didn't mean that to be taken as literal as I wrote it.

    Just meant that in a face to face situation, very minor infractions could be overlooked if your lucky. speeding and neg driving etc. not so lucky.

    and I'm pretty sure it is possible to lose your learners without losing your car licence
  13. I hope you are right but the instructor on the pre-learner course made a point of mentioning this as he handed us our certs.
  14. Yeah they told us you lose your car licence you lose them both
  15. This is how it goes.

    For example (nsw), if you have a car license with 12 points and lets say a Provisional bike license with 4 points is it?

    If you lose 12 demerit points in your car, you lose both licenses.

    If you gain 4 demerit points on your bike, you lose both licenses.

    That's what sucks I reckon, if you are 29, and have just got your P's on your bike, if you get caught speeding e.g 80 in a 60 (easy to do on any motorbike), and your p plate has fallen off, your screwed.

    But yet only a few months later you would have had your full bike license.
    Fail to display 'L' plates on motorcycle as required $185 2 points RT (DL) Reg 1999
    Cl 12(2)(b)
    Learner ride motorcycle of prohibited capacity/power $397 4 points RT (DL) Reg 1999
    Cl 12(3)
    Learner ride motorcycle with other person $185 2 points RT (DL) Reg 1999
    Cl 12(2)(a)

    It was my understanding that learners had 2 points only.
  17. :?: what circumstances are outside your control that could cause you to loose your licence? :-s :-k
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