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Coloured Visors at night?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Doeven09, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I'm pretty sure tinted visors are illegal at night (?) although i see riders with them all the time. But after accidentally riding with my coloured orange visor i found it was great, glare reduction from incoming traffic and good in low light, certainly not ideal for a long night ride in the country but fine for the city.
    Anyway, just wondering if anyone knows if this visor would be illegal at night? (the orange one on the helmet that is)

  2. Orange and yellow type visors are sometimes called "hi def" visors

    They cut out glare, and increase contrast to be able to see clearly in dull shade and wet spots on the road etc.

    At night they are known to improve vision due the fact they cut out the headlight glare

    The colour of them allows your pupil to dilate (aka open up, letting more light in) without the glare becoming apparent. So whilst you can see better and think wow this is great, it can be damaging your eyes more so than clear visors in the sunlight.
    I've never actually heard of night riding being a problem with them, but when used during the day for extended periods or general commuting you can significantly damage your eyes.

    I guess you could just try and avoid looking straight into any headlights

  3. one thing i've found to be deceptive with them at night sometimes is the reflection from your own headlight on car tail lights....sometimes it may appear the cars brake lights are engaged, when they're not...just because reflections from reflective surfaces appear different than you're accustommed to...i've found thats more the case with the more amber/orange lenses...i prefer the more yellow tints.
    appart from that yellow or orange tint is awesome day or night any conditions...in fact once you've tried yellow, you can't go back.:wink:
    legal?...dunno, who gives a ****.
    bad for your eyes?....dunno, so is playing with yourself apparently, not like you're gonna stop doing it though eh.
  4. You wear sunglasses?

    Same shit, different application :D

    I rode with an Iridium visor when I was working night shift. It didn't affect my vision at night and it helped during the morning ride home.

    I'm pretty sure that riding with anything but a clear visor, day or night is illegal.
    Coloured and dark visors are only approved for track use.
    Can't be bothered digging out the relevant legislation ;)
  5. Same as Vic i used to ride home at night with an iridium visor and while not perfect its far from too dark on well lit roads... i was actually surprised how well i could see the first time i had to do it. A tinted visor on the other hand may be different.
  6. Just on the eye damage point, I believe sunnies are required to meet UV reduction standards. Interestingly, when a mate had a melanoma on his face and went looking to see if similar requirements applied to visors of any description, apparently he drew a blank.

    Haven't actually checked myself (always wear sunnies under a clear visor so it doesn't really affect me) but, if it's so, sunnies and tinted visors are not necessarily the same shit at all.
  7. Re legality, any visor without the AS sticker on it is technically illegal; I've not heard of anyone getting done for it though.

    The only visors that have the sticker are clear.
  8. i was worried about that after I found out about all the helmet sticker nonsense, but ordered the orange hi def visor in the pic from overseas anyway. No one, not even the staff at HART could tell me if a visor had to be compliance stickered in aus or not.
    Guess i'll keep the hi def amber for night riding, kind of weird how none give you any UV protection.
  9. My Chrome visor came with a warning sticker stating it wasnt to be worn at night..

    I was caught out a little longer than i anticipated a few weeks back and couldnt see jack through my visor so was forced to ride with it 1/2 up...lucky i didnt have to go far, ive now chucked a pair of clear goggles under my seat for just such occasions .
  10. Any tint (by definition) reduces the amount of light reaching your eyes. Sometimes contract is improved but at the end of the day in low light conditions (night) its the light reaching your eyes that matters.
  11. Old thread I know.. Im pretty sure some at least have UV protection - I notice the rainbow indicative of UV protection when I clean my clear hjc stock one.
  12. The rainbow effect is from polarization, not UV protection.
  13. most polycarbonate visors are UV filtering to some degree..mine is 95%.