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Coloured Coded Lane Markers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ascottaudio, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Hi Net riders..

    My last post (to tree or not to tree) was such a "HIT" that I wanted to give you all something else.

    There was a few very valid and interesting comments on my other thread..but it also seemed to attract some name calling and personal insults..which although not contributing to the topic..is always fun:butt:...I even "scored" my very own stalker!

    So here is my next "idea": Color Coded Lane Markings..Red for 40 K...Yellow for 50 K..white for 60 K's etc..

    Please give me your thoughts on this idea..feel free to insult and wonder into all manner of other topics..if it makes you feel good.( can we all just assume from the outset...that I am a moron..and idiot..and that the idea is totally ridiculous....8-[..which is of course what the masses have said about all great thinkers and their ideas.=D>)

    PS. I have A LOT of these "ideas" so dont use up all your best material straight up!
  2. Too distracting?
  3. I like how you compare yourself to people like Leonardo and Aristotle.
    But that's all...

    But hell, keep on pumping those (ahem) ideas out - this village gets boring on occasion, despite it's obvious plethora...
  4. Na...I had Norman Gunston and Frank from "some Mothers do ave em" in mind.. in regard to great minds..
  5. What if you are colourblind?

  6. Well then it might be;
    Color Coded Lane Markings..Green for 40 K...Blue for 50 K.. Pink for 60 K's etc..
  7. It might have some benefits in letting people know the speed limit more quickly.

    But there'd be downsides too:
    Costs of line painting, (Changing colours etc)
    Possible distractions - depending on implementation
    What do you do with variable speed zones?

    And what are the real benefits?
    It seems to me that the only real impact from people not knowing the exact speed limit is increased speeding fines.
    And that could be better solved by adopting a more rational approach to speed enforcement
  8. That thing they do in NSW where the paint the speed target on the road in big arse numbers I reckon is a winner. I wish they'd do that here in Vic.

    Then again, in Vic, our drivers just stare at the rear of the car in front so they might still miss it.
  9. I reckon you're giving drivers more credit than is due. I'm lucky if I see drivers paying attention to what's going on outside of the car at all!!

    One the colour coding; my thought there is that Vic Roads are likely to say that for a driver to assign colour to an allowed speed is too many things to think about. I mean really; they already have to push an accelerator pedal when they want to move, push a brake pedal when they want to stop, turn a wheel to utilise a corner, use an indicator (if they actually realize it's there) before they turn or change lanes, straighten up after they turn ... the list goes on. It's clearly already too much for some people to cope with.
  10. hmmmm!! painted surface, wet roads, motorbike tyres .... sounds like a pleasant day out to me .. back to the drawing board.

    p.s. are you chemically enhanced when these ideas strike you or are you naturally gifted?
  11. no, sorry, there are too many distractions on the roads already, besides, it would have to be done Australia-wide and getting all the States to agree to anything is like herding goldfish...
  12. those big numbers on the road are FARKING SLIPPERY
  13. Damn right they are. Which means that Vic will probably do it. What better way to book more people for 'loss of traction' and impound their vehicle for 30 days.
  14. I like the idea of colour coded lane markings - there'll be no mistaking what speed zone you're in, but the idea fails dismally on practicality and cost - the least of which is that white markings are hard enough to see at night in the rain, forget about seeing coloured lane markings.

    What are some of your other ideas acoustodude? Send them into the NTC, they're doing a road rules review right now... two more days for submissions.
  15. FFS don't encourage him. They might like his ideas...........
  16. Slipperiness and distraction are the issues with them (and cost as Rob said).

    The other thing is changing them - at present if there is a change for roadworks etc then they can cover up the old signs and put new ones up.

    Also variable speed limit areas - what happens there?

  17. checkered lines??????
  18. Nyancat has a solution.
  19. run glass fibre through them and run a coloured light. Then you can make them what ever colour you like without needing to repaint (and you'd be able to see them better at night.) :bolt:

    I was driving somewhere yesterday, and a speed sign on the left of the road said 70, the one level with it on the right side said 40. Not sure what colour you'd make that.
  20. lol. =D>
    And you could use them for data transmission too.