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Colour Wearing Tractor Riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. <rant>
    Mrs 2wheelsagain and I rode out to Paynesville this morning via the Bengworden Rd and Holland's Landing.
    Had a coffee and came home along the Princes Hwy from Bairnsdale (her choice).

    Anyhoo about half way back to Stratford doing just over the dollar with her in the left wheel track and me in the right about 6 metres in front we're passed slowly by three colour wearing tractor riders. The bloke in front squeezes past between me and the double white line and waves at me in a move over or f^ck off hand motion. I had space to move left for the next two c0ck suckers but what's with the first knob? I own my lane as we're supposed to. Am I supposed to pull over and bow as they ride past? Sorry that's not me :mad:

    The best part was that c0ck #1 had a clear screen in front of his open face helmet and when he turned around to give me the bird or invite me to shag his sister his visor caught the wind and flipped up causing an almighty panic wobble and almost wrenching the pen!s from his shoulders and forcing a one handed rescue attempt.:LOL: In any case we were 100 metres short of an overtaking lane but they overtook a few more cars in that space over double lines.
    There was a heap of them parked outside the Stratford pub so I assume they were late to some gay event.

    Is respect for other riders being eroded by ourselves or did I just cop three knobs?

  2. im guessing tractor means harley ye?
  3. Takes all kinds, Chris.
  4. Had that happen a few years ago. Bloody uncomfortable to say the least :shock: .

    On the main topic, I think you may have just copped three knobs. Over here in WA, I've been overtaken a few times by patchholders, in a manner that I, personally, wouldn't have risked. However, I've never been given the impression I should have moved over. More a case of "their move, their risk" if you will.

    BTW, since when has a flip-up fishbowl been acceptable wear for outlaws?
  5. Or pre war big indian. Or very fast fergie.
  6. Bit like trucks really, once up to speed they don't want to slow down.
  7. Never (ever) been passed by a Hardly, so I don't understand. :p
  8. blokes with big egos and small everything else ride all sorts of bikes

    just enjoy your ride, is all you can do
  9. my question is, did u give him the nod when he passed? :grin:
  10. what's nodding?


  11. wtf is a tractor? A cruiser or?

    ps theres plenty of wankaz out there.
  12. Well since those pieces of sh!t dont have enough power to overtake on their own accord, they need to convince others to slow/move for them.
  13. Nodding is what a Hardley rider does to his boyfriend.
  14. I move over to the left if an approaching bike comes up behind me (and I happen to see it). They can pass you safely without crossing the line(s) and I figure, why be discourteous? It doesn't slow you down, only takes a moment for them to pass you and everybody is happy in the end. I appreciate it when other bikers do the same when I pass them and always give a wave.
  15. But mostly Hornet 600's
    :p :p
  16. I refuse to respond to such an obvious troll :p.
  17. But you did.
  18. firefling and i have just gotten back from "Sir Skuffy's" b'day ride and something i noticed over all 3 days was that Harley riders all seemed to be giving the biker nod or a friendly wave.

    It's not something sportsbike riders and harley riders seem to do, we keep to our respective type of rides.........

    It crossed my mind that because of the fires down here, the community pulls together and everyone is simply being friendly.......but it really stood out to me that soo many were giving us a friendly hello gesture.

    I believe you simply came across a couple of bad apples in the bunch.

    Cheers, ratty

  19. It also could be that I was waving madly to them (boredom on the Mansfield to Yea road will inspire such acts) and since I was in front, you notice them waving/nodding back.
  20. I saw you waving, but a lot waved before you did and i said it was happening over the whole 3 days, not just on the way home :p