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Colour co-ordination too much?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nathan2145, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. hey guys,

    been shoppin around 4 ages now and decided on all my gear and bike at seperate times, but looking at it all together now just realised i think im gunna look like a douche.

    Bought a Berik ballistic jacket, where for the price and features, i felt it was within my budget, and given its colours thought it was good for being visable. but prior that i settled on a Shark Rsi helmet where for the safety/price + most important comfort, seemed to work best and i liked the Guintoli replica graphic given the straight lines and again being predominately white, made it fairly visable.

    but just realised now...

    Jacket + Bike + helmet = basically the same colours , haven't worn em altogether of course cause jacket still being sent over, and helmet is yet to be paid for, but re-thinking it might be a bit too much of "i wanna be a GP rider".

    you guys reckon worth it to change my helmet to predominately black or other colour so it doesn't look too matching, or just stick with what i first found?

    here are the links

    Jacket- http://www.4motos.pl/galerie/b/berik-lj-7888_1972.jpg
    Helmet- https://www.euromotoaz.com/store/images/products/7993.jpg
    Bike- http://www.rs125.it/la_storia/aprilia-rs-125-poggiali.jpg

    thanks heaps for the help!
  2. That's very "matching" ;)

    Buy and wear whatever you like, if you like it, it's all that matters

    Hope you aren't importing the helmet from Arizona.
  3. That's why I like black. But anyway, that stuff looks pretty good man.

    I don't see anything wrong with having matching jacket helmet and bike. I find it a bit odd when people buy totally non matching gear like a red bike, a blue helmet and a black and yellow jacket.
  4. Its sweet mate.......... it dont look no Rossi wannabee, :wink:

    Just FFSakes, dont go with the white boots with ya jeans tucked in , Ok :p
  5. Awww, how cute! J001.
  6. In your 20's, you spend a lot of money and energy worrying about what other people think of you and how you look...

    When you hit your 30's, you look back and realise no one was really paying any attention.

    Just be happy.. I'm going to put a transformers sticker on my bike because it makes my godson laugh, I couldn't give 2 shits what everyone else thinks, ya hear me? :)
  7. +1 Its how you actually behave on the road not what you wear that will make people think you a try hard or not.
  8. They will look pretty cool together I think

    would look worse with helmet jacket and bike all glaringly different colours, but then again I like a degree of uniformity in things.

    You didn't mention pants though mate.... got a matching set found yet?
  9. No mention of Boots..... What colour are they???

    Do they match???
  10. Meh, give a f*ck.
  11. :LOL: Who cares. I bought a blue helmet and jacket when i started riding with a silver bike. Then I ended up with a blue SV a bit later and probably looked like a wanker so coordinated but stuff it. Black is a pretty safe bet if you're worried that concerned though :p
  12. Man i WISH i was as co-ordinated as that...

    I have a black/blue jacket with lairy red helmet and red bike.

    Atleast people can see me cause its so "striking".
  13. Thanks for the help guys, it's easier asking these stupid questions here then elsewhere lol, funny it all eneded up like that but, just kind happened after all the stuff came together and i was thinkin maybe a bit too much...

    i got black leather for pants and boots, so probably go wif wat i got, and i guess most importantnly its all comfortable, so hopefully will last in the long run.

    since u all know wat i'd look like, just remember to give us a wave when i come past :wink:

  14. man..i reakcon your setup looks sweet as. why so worri'd in the first place ?
  15. The only thing I would change is the bike.
  16. thats a nice jacket
    id rather that then the joe rocket jacket im looking at buying
    where did you buy it from
    if you dont mind me asking :)
  17. Colour coordination of riding gear is SO important. After all, looking at your reflection in the shop window as you ride by is the main reason why you buy riding gear anyway. :roll: