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Colour choices

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RacingTurtles, May 30, 2006.

  1. I woke up grumpy today and I wish to whinge. Todays topic: The range of colours available on bikes! What is it with one-colour ranges, for Christ's sakes'? You want a Bandit? Sure - this year, in red only. You want a V-Strom? In blue. That's it! I think this is appaling. Automotive industry has managed to move on from Henry Ford days of "any colour you want as long as it's black" - isn't it time for the bike manufacturers/importers to follow? Actually, I blame the local agents more than manufacturers - manufacturers do offer a range of colours, but they never get brought into our country. Too much work for someone?

  2. Welcome to the laws of 'supply and demand'.

    The more popular bikes get color choices, the less popular, they make the choice for you.
  3. Yeah but there's more possibilities to customize a bike without spending as much as you would with a car.

    when I get my Suzuki one day, I want to get a custom paint job of Metallic Midnight Blue, and have 3 layers of Electric blue pearl and custom lightning airbrushing on it. hopefully I learn photoshop better coz I could do it to a bike pic to show you all.

    I reckon it would look mad. But yeah I don't think there is enough variety in bike colours. The new GSX-Rs only come in like, 3 different colour schemes, max???
  4. The Irony of this being some people will not select the bike because of colour, and thus it will never become popular...
  5. But neither do you choose a car because of its colour, I mean a flat ferrari red isn't that inspiring unless its on a ferrari, slap it on a datsun 180b and I dont think you'll choose it because of that :LOL:

    Also, I wouldn't have bought a ZX before because I dont like the typical ninja green... but now they have a Blue that looks nice, so i'm considering it...
  6. A ferrari-red 180B???!!!

    How much? I'll take it.
  7. butat the same time, im notgunna go buy a blue suzuki cause thats all they offer.. when i can go over to honda or yamaha and get me a red bike,which is what i want and there isnt all that much difference in the specs...
  8. let us pray to the bike gods that they deliver us from colour toting poseurs!
  9. for some riders, colour is important.

    I'm a girl. colour matters to me. I wanted either a red or black bike. so i'm repainting my blue hornet in candy red (should be picking up the bits friday!). it will match my black & red helmet & jacket.

    My boyfriend however doesn't really care as much. He likes bikes of any colour - EXCEPT Kwaka Green.

    My dad?? the ONLY colour he wants is Kwaka Green!!
  10. true i dont ride anything other than kawasaki's as they are the only one's that have bike's that are green as thats my colour but if honda,suzuki made green bikes i would be intrested doesn't have to be bright green it can be british racing green.
  11. Nah, let's pray they deliver us from sad brainwashed cases who accepted the marketing spin and now believe that poor design + shoddy craftsmanship = 'character'.

    Those who think it is acceptable for a gearbox *not* to work through its complete range - something that would never happen on even a cheapest car! (Have you ever heard of cars that cannot be put into the neutral unless they are moving? They'd be laughed out of the market. Yet a reviewer can write about a $30,000 Ducati that 'gearbox is a gem, although neutral is best selected when on the move'. Things like that just cause my jaw to drop!)

    Those who think that customer should be pleased they get anything at all, rather than demand choice and respect they deserve when parting with their cash.... yes, that includes the colour they want. I can see difficulty bringing in completely different models into our small market, but different colours? You've got to be joking.

    No, it is not too much to ask for. And I hope it will happen, as bikes move more into the mainstream.
  12. + 1. i think kawasaki and suzuki are the worst offenders, with kawasaki you're stuck with toxic green and suzuki generally only offers two colours per year for its non gsxr models (sv650s for example.)
  13. i believe colour is important too, its part of the whole bike thing, the colours draw you in and make you go ohh and ahh, and polishing up your nice bright kwaka green, or any colour that blows your hair back, and being proud of your machine and how awesome she looks is all part of the passion of bike riding, for me anyway... boy or girl, doesnt matter, we all like to ogle hot looking bikes...
  14. On my recent purchase of a second hand bike the best bike I could find also happened to be purple.

    the bike was such a good buy I couldn't pass it up on that fact alone but I'm starting to question my manlyhood. It even has sparkles in the paint.

    My gay sister inlaw is looking at the bike for mardigra!
  15. There is a bike shop in QLD have set prices for there second hand bikes, they rebuild and paint it any color scheem you want ( that they do ) i was going to go a cbr250rr my own choice of color for $4500 delivered anywhere in aus i think the cbr was mid to late 90's model but meh what ya want for a rebuild and custom color. needles to say i didnt get it bought the zxr instead. but yeah there are places that do custom paint, just goto shop around