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Collins RS4 Aqua

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Paulstar, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Got these off ebay for $79.90.

    Quality wise, they look very well constructed. They probably are not as flexible in the fingers as the alpinestar GP2 but theres a fair amount of price difference. The knuckle is plastic not carbon so thats not really going to make a lot of difference its still very solid looking. The dual wrist straps is what sold me on these, whats the point of nice gloves if they dont stay on your hands right!

    They have the thinsulate liner same as the alpinestars which i saw in stores which all feels and looks very good.

    I think the only thing that is less confidence inspiring about these VS the GP2 is that the GP2's have a hard plastic wrist guard from memory. This is a gauntlet style glove but it wrist guard is just soft leather.

    The stitching, the leather and all feel and look really good. I havent actually ridden in them because they are too big and they are sending me a smaller size at which point i will send these ones back unless i find anyone locally that wants these mediums!
  2. Was going to put a review up but saw this thread so I thought I would just add my experiences.

    I got some of these from their ebay store only last week. I got them to replace some Dainese D-Dry gloves I had that were bloody useless. Would soak through with water, and were quite cold to wear.

    I really love the RS4 Aqua's. I have ridden 3 times in the rain, each time a 30min commute, one of the trips was raining non stop.

    Not a drop of water got in, hands stayed comfortable, not hot, not cold.

    Very happy with them.